Can I just say….

that I am glad we have the Nespresso, (even though it is elitist)  because my husband makes plunger coffee taste like rats piss.

images (7)

Seriously, he makes it so weak it looks like tea!!

It tastes like he has strained the coffee through his undies!! Urgh….

I like coffee to be so black, thick and strong that you can stand your spoon in.




No girly coffee thanks…Don’t even say cappuccino or mochacchino….

Grrrr,  bastardising the coffee…

I have only just returned to the coffee cup.

Its been 5 years of NONE!!

When I stopped smoking, I couldn’t drink coffee without wanting to smoke.

So out my beloved coffee went along with a few friends too sadly….

BUT now its back:) no smokes though …

coffeeOk, Last day at boot camp tomorrow morning so I only did a cycle today so I sort of have fresh runners legs in the morning.

Fingers crossed on the fitness test!!

Need to beat 

15 full push ups

3 ramp runs

2 minute wall sit

2.30 plank

shuttle run/ beep test

and something else hideous but I can’t remember!!


A two-week break and then I have signed up for another 6 weeks, 2 x a week.

Once I start work again on Monday, I will return to 6AM, yes, 6AM running etc…. running is good at that time as its quiet…before the city starts the days lunacy.


Febathon 28 hour challenge

45 minutes Pyrenees’ cycle challenge

20 minutes run to gym and back…



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