Coffee, BBQ and BLOODY hungry…

Hungry, Hungry, Hungry…

Man, I want to eat everything in sight!!

food addict

Who has days like that???

Every so often I want to inhale food and I feel no matter how much I eat, I would eat and eat and eat and not be satisfied…

Then after a day or so, the urge goes….

This makes me wonder if that is what it is like all the time to be a food addict?

This is what i want!!

This is what I want!!

It reminds me of when I really want to smoke, a little different but a struggle to control that urge and you need to think about whether or not you will do that action…but it is almost uncontrollable.


I do feel that I could easily just eat, eat, eat and eat myself into a food coma….

But I have to say, it’s not junk I crave, it’s usually MEAT!!

Tonight, bearing this in mind, I had BBQ.

I love BBQ , I would sell my kid and husband for BBQ.

I would even consider selling Mr Puss Puss et al for a real southern USA BBQ…Mmmm Pulled pork and the like….just as Burnt My Fingers gives us recipes for  in his scrumptious  BBQ posts….

We always have 3-6 meats…Tonight chicken, steak, lamb, sausages and prawns…

I have a little of each and coleslaw and I am FULL to bursting but I still feel I could eat more, more, more….



Really want to eat but think, if I have a coffee, it will take away that desire a bit which it does…. sort of like cleanse the taste buds….

Now coffee, I like coffee and I only like fresh coffee ( I will drink coffee that I perked in a plunger a few hours ago) …I mean I don’t like instant…

However this Nespresso malarkey takes coffee snobbery to a new level!!


Hubby got one for Xmas, he chose it and it was what he really wanted.

I would be a big liar pants if I said the coffee wasn’t nice, it is .

But at the price, it bloody should be and there is no buy 10 get one free deal or anything remotely resembling that….

Plus you need to go to the coffee boutique to buy the stuff, not in the supermarket.

images (6)

Oh you can order it online but that is after proving you own a Nespresso and then its a pretty penny to get it all packaged and delivered to you…

Luckily we live 5-10 mins walk from the Nespresso boutique, but its the only one in Auckland, a city of 2 + million??? No wonder the place is always packed..

But it is packed in an elegant way, not a sweaty loud packed or anything unrefined and ugly like that….Nooooo

We do NOT do ugly packed in the boutique of Coffee:)

download (4)

It is busy but one can still hear the delicate strains of music in there and one can always get a sampler at the coffee bar in there:)

You probably need to prove you own a machine first though:)

But I did have a coffee ( a Karajoz plunger coffee:) in our coffee boutique to the delicate strains of my three boys shouting and swearing and punching each other…

Tres elegant.

download (5)

Febathon days 5 & 6

5th- 45 minutes boot camp and 30 minutes plyometrics

6th- 50 minutes running & 1 hour weights.

Tomorrow will ‘rest’ legs and do 65 minute cycle as have a fitness test on Friday so want running legs to be fresh so I can beat my shuttle/beep test runs from 4 weeks ago….

Mmmmmm meat!!!


Off to see my friends at the WINZ office tomorrow to tell them I have a JOB!!!

Would like to say FUCK YOU!!!

But they have been ok to me and I may need them again…






3 thoughts on “Coffee, BBQ and BLOODY hungry…

  1. You see that meat does nothing for me give me carbs over protein anyday and after your coffee story am grateful I don’t drink the stuff give me a coffee cake now that I would eat, or coffee chocolate mmmmmm

  2. what about coffee dipped meat? Actually i have a chilli recipe with 3 cups of coffee in it….I like carbs too but just dont crave it like meat…LOVE bread but don’t crave it….just started drinking coffee again after 5 years of none!! …

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