Bloody meat is driving me mental…

sausages, bacon, steak, pork slices…mmmmm

counting sheep

John @ fit for365 was trying to torture me by posting a very ‘meaty, post!!!

The ironic thing was I was lying in bed, counting meat….I got up as I just couldn’t sleep and so I check my emails and lo and behold John’s meaty post is there!!

Talk about cruel at 1 am where there was no way I could justify a meaty fry up at that time…

oooh sausage rolls too or a lovely steak pie!!!

Rare steak……yummy….and SALTY HOT CHIPS!!!

Gimme Gimme!!

Gimme Gimme!!

Heaven…Can’t remember when I had one of them….

I think I need to drink more water….I have been a bit slack and what with the increase in coffee, I think i maybe dehydrated and thinking its meat hunger:)

Now onto more serious matters….

download (7)

Was humming and harghing about 2013 kms for 2013….

Not miles, we are soft here in the colonies….

Was thinking about it all through  Janathon and then I get a post from Run Hemimgway Run about 2013 miles and I think…”err its the fates warning me to do it”…so how could I not???

BUt no swimming, no, no, well very little….

It will be running, running and running…Ok a little rowing and cycling too:(

I will use my Janathon totals to start off and what I have done in Feb so far to get going and will do a new tally daily at the end of the post….

January distance 302.88 kms

January time 39 hours

Todays tally including all of February so far (61.76 kms)

364.64 kms ( 1648.36 to go…)

50 hours (11 for February)

I did think 2013 hours but that’s 5.5 hours per day!!!

Errrr no…

assault courseRUN TONTO RUN!!



3 thoughts on “Bloody meat is driving me mental…

    • well was kms as we do kms here, You are considered old if you do miles:) but i suppose i could do miles as kms is 5.5 km daily and not being boasty but that’s not really a challenge i suppose…but if i miss 1-2 days it is…..if its miles , it is 8.8kms per day….might do that….Will consider while running shortly:)

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