Getting a bit slack on it already….

First day at new job and ALREADY letting work interfere with running!!

Grrrrrr….Maybe this is why we are unemployed????

So we can run….

1st day

I just could not get up at 6.oo to run.

Well I actually was up, as the bloody cats were meowing and scratching outside the window to be let in…

Why they do not use the cat door is beyond me!!

When I drag my sorry sleep deprived self to open our balcony door in our bedroom to let the meowing buggers in, they run to the front door and I am SUPPOSED to go open that!!


Is that bloody logical???

No, its cat logic that is what.

Let me in , MUM!!

Let me in , MUM!!

Anyhow even though I was up, I could not be arsed to go….In the mornings you need to run between 5.30 am- and be back by 7 am as the traffic is terrible and then after 10 till about 3 pm is ok and then you don’t want to run again until after 6-7 pm….

But I think better than country running unless you know the area.

 I do have to say on the few occasions I would run in the ‘country’ when here or overseas, it was VERY VERY silent and very creepy…

Tuscan hills look beautiful, Devon back roads stunning , Polish wilderness wild but all creepy…nah, if I knew the areas, yep, fantastic but you don’t know anyone, there is no houses for god knows how long….Too creepy….Even real deserted beachy area’s here, nah too creepy even though beautiful and quiet….

Sooooo no running today:(

I thought “well I did run 26 km in the weekend” (16 on the Saturday and 9 on the sunday) so I thought ” Ok, be kind and have day off ” but I did think ALL day about running when I got home at 8.30 pm…




Monday and Tuesday I work 10am-8pm….Long day but then only 4 hours Wednesday and less than full day on the other 2 days….

Anyhow will run tomorrow morning and do my weights to feel better, else I will sit there all day at work, thinking, should have gone….

Long day, ten hours working…be glad when its Wednesday and do only 4:)

2013 Miles Challenge….

Tally so far…..

Friday tally total 364.64 kms- 227.9 miles

Saturday 95 minutes run 16.2 kms- 10.12 miles

Sunday 50 minute run 9.1 kms- 5.68 miles & 40 minutes weights.

Tally as at 11/02/013…..

389.65 kms- 243.53 miles

53 hours…..

Doing it on a daily tally of 5.5 miles or 8.8 kms….

By now, 42 days into the new year, Tally should be 231 miles/ 369.60 kms…

So am slightly up!!!




2 thoughts on “Getting a bit slack on it already….

  1. Yep Devon backroads stunning (Bloody hilly) but I only run them in daylight. When I lived in the city I used to get up at 4 am to run ! (Madness?) you will sort it out in your new life of employment it will slot in, just give it time, thats the good thing about running its slot ablility!

    • true…bloody hilly!! .
      I think for a bit, i am best to go early again….went at 5.45 this morning …Am not really an after 8 pm runner sadly and that’s when i finish 3 nights a week now….but am hoping to swap them for 2 splits so 8-12 and 4-8 so could run between 12-4pm…that would suit in case i don’t get up in the am….:)

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