Hello Trelise & Ralph…

I know you will be thinking WTF????



It’s a long story but I will make it as short as possible.

I have this running route that is basically a long easy run along a main road.

…only ever do it at 5.30-6am…..

Running past shops, central city suburbia, churches etc…..

Now one shop in particular, always cheers me as I run past…


A frothy and fluffy NZ designer but of late (last few years) some of her less frou frou things have appealed…

but they are always splashes of color and at 5.30-6am, it’s just what you need!!

Cause it is a busy road once the traffic starts, you just can’t do it between 7am-7pm as its too busy.

You would be dodging traffic and people, I don’t do it in summer much BUT I do it in winter or if I am tired…..as its not hilly and its pretty much there and back…

download (8)

But there is 2 treats on this run….

The 2nd best thing  is the Ralph Lauren shop, about 15 minutes from home on the way back, which I  love too, bright colours as well…and its that little perk I need to get my sorry arse home when it starts to drag….

It is there when I run down but I can’t look in the windows until the way back:)

 I run on one side of the road there , the Trelise side,  then the Ralph side on the way back….

That is the “Trelise and Ralph” run…..

I hadn’t run it for a while and thought it was time again:)

Today 8 kms at 5.50 am!!!

Bloody hell.

I went to sleep at 2 am, I kid you not.

I am trying to swap my sleeping hours back but its going to take a week or so..



Mr Puss Puss, is NOT, as you can imagine, appreciated for his 5.30am meowing and scratching then!!

So half my working week done….2 ten hour shifts done…

download (9)I am exhausted, what with not working for 3+ months and having 2 nights of crap, crap, crap sleep…………maybe tonight…

Mind you the dark Roasted Addiction coffee is probably not helping in that area.

Believe me, its like tar, even hubby has a hard time making it like rats piss:)

images (10)

Work seems to be going well, nice people, relatively busy, close to home, left to own devices and lots of food!!!

What more could one ask for???

download (10)

2013 Challenge total…..243.53 miles/ 389.65kms….

8.1 kms- 50 minutes.

248.59 miles/ 397.75 kms

53.50 hours:)


Blog namesake...Mr Tonto  himself...

Blog namesake…Mr Tonto himself…


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