Did I say it was like watching paint dry??

Its that time again!!

It’s that time again!!

It is as boring as hell….

Yes, School cricket season is upon us again.

I will say first up, I am not a keen sports person.

I know you probably think that’s a bit weird considering that I run BUT I like to do, not watch!!

I really do not see the point of watching total strangers play sport…

download (53)

Sadly when it comes to the boys, it means going to the games…

Rugby, which I really don’t like is another horror…..

Saying this and being a NZer is like an Italian saying they do not like soccer.

Cricket at least has a veneer of civility…Rugby does not.

But at least Rugby is only 60 minutes, maybe 90 minutes if there is a pow wow after and before…

download (55)

Cricket, well, it’s about 5 hours at least. If you are very lucky.

As they get older, it gets longer, so this year, I would say maybe 6 hours…

There is no tea and bloody cucumber sandwiches either, let me tell you!!

The parents too, well this is mainly why I don’t like to go to these things.

You know the ones I mean, the ones that probably iron their kids cricket uniform,undies and the ones that really need to get a life.

I like to go, say hello and then watch and go home….

I don’t want to score, umpire , cheer or do that loud clapping and instructing the kid thing…

My sons would cringe if I did that…

The boys are there to play, they don’t need a big mouth on the side line living out their broken sports dreams yelling at them:)

download (57)

I am polite but its 8 am on a saturday, no one sane wants to discuss the merits of a Gray Nicholls bat for little johnny at that time.

Plus it is often hot as hell …

No matter how good the kids are, its boring.

I want to see my sons bat and bowl and then go home….

But you can’t do that…Noooooo Sirreeeee………

Luckily for me, hubby likes cricket, so he goes most of the time and I go occasionally.

Sadly I usually have to work:)

Today though, I had to go….

download (58)Luckily though, I have one son who hates sport:)

A child of my heart…..

BUT he hates ALL exercise…..

When I run, he looks at me as if I am crazy…

The other two, play, watch, live and breathe sport.

 I think we have 5 sports channels or something stupid like that…

You can imagine what fun it is at our house as Hubby is the same):

You could also probably make a bet on what will be on TV at our house!

download (60)

Time to let the trotters …..

download (59)

have a wee break until our long run tomorrow…

I have run everyday this week…nothing else though which is how I like it BUT….

We all know the danger in that….


So me and the trotters are heading off to the gym shortly for 1 hour weights and 1 hour cycling.


run alot

I am going to have to start to think about getting up early to run etc as It’s just too hard/tiring come 6 pm or even worse 8 pm at night.

By then I have also tormented myself all day , doing the “shall I” or “Shan’t I ” game.

That in itself is exhausting.

2013 miles/kms Challenge so far……

271.09 miles / 433.74 kms

Wednesday run 8.1 kms

Thursday run 9.0 kms

Friday run  8 kms

Saturday weights 1 hour & 1 hour cycling.



8 thoughts on “Did I say it was like watching paint dry??

  1. Hi, I don’t have kids but I am a nanny. On my job, I have to take them to their activities that usually last about half an hour. I couldn’t stop laughing when reading your blog about a 6 hour long game. What a nightmare!! And I know how kids value our presence to their activities, and really want us to watch them. Well done for going to support them even occasionally 🙂

    • thanks:) its bloody boring as hell and its a wonder i don’t inhale huge blocks of chocolate!! but like i said its the yabbering parents that make me not want to go…
      you know the bum licky try hards…
      I usually take a book or go for a run and come back but those parents!! Urgh…

  2. The only thing more boring than watching cricket is listening to the radio commentary of it. I got in a taxi home one Sunday afternoon and the driver was listening to a test match on his radio. It was the longest 20 minutes of my life. I’d rather stick pins in my eyes.

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