Are you a tough mudder???

Check this awesomeness out!!

download (61)


You know I like navy seal type stuff….well this is something awesome.

They have events around the world.

The closest one to me is Sydney at the moment but it looks like they are planning one for Auckland.

But I would go to Sydney for it as its only a 3 hour plane ride….

Go for the weekend, see the family, see some friends, do the tough mudder and crawl home:)

Have a few drinkies afterwards…

download (62)Who is coming???

2013 Challenge

277.50 miles / 444  kms.

61.50 hours

Plus boot camp this morning.

See how does one measure boot camps?

I don’t distance wise but do time wise….


Need a wee snack, thanks!!

Need a wee snack, thanks!!



3 thoughts on “Are you a tough mudder???

  1. It does look really fun. I had some friends who did it last year… We will see if i decide to do it this year 😉 ours isnt until sept though so i have some timw.

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