Those Bloody cats!!

I tell you, they will be the death of me!!

They create more havoc than the boys…

Mr Puss Puss

Mr Puss Puss



Maybe Friends...

Maybe Friends…

Mini cat...

Mini cat…

Tinny girl..

Tinny girl..

Mr Tonto himself in dad's car:)

Mr Tonto himself in dad’s car:)

I thought it maybe time for a cat post.

The cats do seem to rule the house.

As you know, the cat hierarchy in our house has been a bit up and down the last 6 months.

My Sweet ginger boy Mr Tonto died and this meant the alpha position was vacant…

I think Tinny sort of filled it but then when I brought home one of my colony cats, Whitey, it all changed again.

Especially as she is a female.

Have to say the male cats are easier and they are more chilled…

Mr Puss Puss has sort of asserted himself but not really….

I think it is every cat for him/ herself at the moment.

P1030753 (600x800)

Mmmmm 20kg bag of CAT FOOD!!!

P1030319 (800x600)

Tinny guarding the driveway.

People who say cats are not clever are sadly mistaken.

Tinny, who belonged to an elderly lady ,came to me when her owner went to a home, hates all other cats.

Sometimes she will tolerate them but mostly nope.

However she will sit/lie in front of the door just before dinner, so no other cat can go past her.

She will do this when it rains too so the other 3 are sitting nicely outside waiting to come in.

Bit of a sleep

Bit of a sleep

Mr Puss Puss  has started doing the same to her or he will purposely go right up to her and sit there, which she hates.

She will reowl at him and he just sits there and then she doesn’t like to move at all.

He will also wait till I open the front door to let Tinny in and he will go out there, so she will not come inside:)

They are like kids and purposely do things to aggravate each other.

Tinny has claimed the front section of our house for herself and that works fine most of the time.

Boy and Cat

Boy and Cat

The other 3 share the back section and most of the inside area.

Mini doesn’t really like Whitey and they scrap from time to time.

Mr Puss Puss will tolerate Whitey .

Whitey quite likes him and is very keen to be mates but Mr P really won’t have a bar of it:)

We shall see how it develops….

Another nap...its a hard life

Another nap…its a hard life

Run Tonto Run!!


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