A hairy matter???

You know how you have the Bermuda sock & clothes triangle ?

Is this you?

Is this you?

download (64)We have that triangle in our house along with an added bonus!

We have a hair Bermuda triangle but things DON’T disappear, they appear!!

Seriously, I HATE hairs in the bathroom.

I think it’s a woman thing.

Now being mammals as we are and prone to shedding, I know a certain amount of shedding is to be expected.

BUT I live with 4 boys/men .

Not quite this bad but you get the drift....

Not quite this bad but you get the drift….

Can you imagine it? I seriously don’t know where all the hair comes from.

I can vacuum in there DAILY!! and honest to god, 15 minutes later, there is enough hairs in the bathroom again to knit a blanket again!!

Razor stubble…..Grosssssssssss…………….

Gel encrusted hairs…blurgh…..

I am not including shower shedding either…so I am not sure what they do in the bathroom????

I never see them go in there either, so its like the fairies do it…

And you can’t go “who the bloody hells hair is this?”

As they would all say…..”NOT ME”.


Do you have them as well??

Mr Nobody or those bloody fairies that do all these things in your home?

The ones who eat the last chips, leave food packets open, lose socks, leave the freezer ajar, empty bottles/plates in the fridge, lose the remote and so on…

I would like to meet these bloody fairies as I have a FEW words to say!!!!

I dread to think what it will be like when they all shave!!

download (60)All this hair stress is giving me a 2nd puberty as my face has broken out in continual pimples!!

Thank god not huge pus filled things but red bumps and I can not leave them…

Even when I was a teenager, I HATED them and would squeeze them…


download (66)

2013 Miles/ kms Challenge

466 kms / 291.25 miles

Wednesday 1 hour running 11 km & 45 minutes weights.

Thursday – 1 hour running 11 km.

Was ahead but sort of lagged somewhere…need to do a few cycles rather than running, I think.

No, just checked am about .5 miles ahead per day…PHEW!!

NB: Need to do 335.9 miles by the end of February.

44.65 miles to go…..

download (67)

Another bit of madness….

I am going to do this!!! April 6th



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