Food Glorious Food…..

This is a goodie and so goes with the Paleo eating plan principles that I am still thinking of…


I received this from Eat, Sweat, Think, A NZ blog I follow.

Thing is that I like bread.

The rest I can live without.

Ok, chocolate now and then but I think I do eat pretty clean.

My gorgeous figgy bread!! how can i say no??

My gorgeous figgy bread!! how can i say no??

I could do a tidy up so to speak but its the bread thing mainly that puts me off.

I know there are many flours that are not grains but have you tasted some of these breads?

Blurgh…..The Paleo diet has been on my coffee table for weeks…

I have had the book for a few years since I tried it last time…

I like that I can still have tea and coffee, because as John@ fitfor365 showed us with his awesome diagram, tea and coffee in moderation is a good thing.

paleo 3

I think the fresh foods principles and get rid of processed crap is a good idea.

It is the cutting of whole food groups that is the worry…

Will ponder some more.

I think I will try the no added sugar to start with as sugar is in everything!

I will see how that goes and go from there….

2013 miles/Kms Challenge:

493.5 kms/ 308.25 miles.

23 Km bike ride – 60 minutes

4.2 km run- 22 minutes

66.96 hours

Bit peckish thanks...

Bit peckish thanks…

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