Would you believe it???

Nope, me either!!!

can you believe it

I haven’t been able to post on my greedybread for a few weeks because I couldn’t upload photos…..

Then I realise that I have run out of space!!! Duh….

So I buy some more space and do another upgrade and WTF!!!

It will not upload the photos!!!


runner hot

It is scorching hot here today again….

Glad I went out nice and early for my run…

Long run today and I made sure there were a few long hills in there too after reading john’s hill post @ fitfor365.

I don’t mind the hills, I find it is more mental than physical work now days and I have set myself a few hilly targets round here to do.

I do, sadly, need to limit the hills as I find it makes my sore leg twinge….

I thought maybe incorporate some hills into a long run every fortnight…

I never run completely flat, there is always some hill when I run but just not continual hills…


1) One Tree Hill summit-

I can do 9/10’s but have stopped just before the final slog….Grrrrr

Haven’t tried for a while..

Time to do it!!

one tree hill

download (71)

2) Mt Eden Summit...Never tried.

download (70)

3) Queenstown Rd hill…Bloody nightmare , can barely walk up it:)

Soooooo ugly, can’t even find a photo of it….

Mini Mt Everest:

 I thought this week I would on my cunning shady tree run, go up the other end of the streets which are the hilly ends..

Quite hilly…

Some cool hills I have done…

1) The Auckland Marathon Harbour bridge climb..

This is quite special as the only time you can walk/run over it , is when they close it for the marathon…

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Auckland Harbour Bridge

Up you go!!

Up you go!!

and down...

and down…

2) Onehunga Selwyn Street hill…Short and nasty..

3) My Nemesis when I started running….small winding hill from the bottom of Twin oaks drive to just past the restaurant at One Tree Hill..

This was a major mental hill..

Its not that large or hard but physically/mentally I could not do it when I started running.

It’s about 1-1.5km slow winding to the top but it’s not steep, its like a slow burn….

And it doesn’t look evil…even now if I am tired, it can kill me:)

Part of the road of evilness

Part of the road of evilness

4) Mt Eden road hill.

Looks worse than it is…. This is the opposite end of the road to where the summit is.

It is a long road of about 5-6 kms I think.

The hilly bit I mean is about 1 km in length, slowly going to the top…

5) Streets within the walls in Siena...Short and very nasty….Picturesque BUT nasty…

Like this???

Like this???

6) Worse if Possible, Streets within other Tuscan towns….Montepulciano,Montalcino, Pienza…..

I would just like to add that there wasn’t a lot of long endurance running while I was here…

It was short bursts..HA HA HA…

Very short bursts.

That is all I could manage.. Tabata training at its best:)

Seriously, those old ladies who go up and down those hills all the time??

Hats off to them…should that be runners off to them?

This one then?

This one then? Montalcino…

Perhaps this one then? Montalcino..

Perhaps this one then? Montalcino..

Montepulciano then?

Montepulciano then?

Stations of the Cross, Cortona...

Stations of the Cross, Cortona…

Sucker for punishment?? Cortona..

Sucker for punishment?? Cortona..

I did run up here too...Kuala Lumphur...away from the monkey:)

I did run up here too…Kuala Lumphur…away from the monkey:)

Err no RUNNING in Kuala Lumpur…Far too hot.

You dripped sweat just moving…My clothes were constantly sticking to me…

Soooo humid…Only running here was to the cold shower.

I shall leave you today with the steepest st in the world, which is in NZ, Dunedin.

My son went there at Xmas with my brother:)


There was no mention of running up it though:)

Steepest st in the world

Steepest st in the world

Steepest St in the world- NZ Dunedin...

Steepest St in the world- NZ Dunedin…

Steep!! Run up this ???

Steep!! Run up this ???Looks deceptive…

2013 Miles/Kms Challnge…

Saturday , I did NOTHING!!!!

Well walked about 10 kms but I don’t count the daily walking…

Far Far too hot and I left it too late.

Sunday…15.5 kms run (nice and early)

509 kms/ 318.12 miles

68.35 hours.


A favourite run...Lucca;s walls:)

A favourite run…Lucca;s walls:)


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  1. You could get yourself a free flickr account (there are some space restrictions) and upload pictures to it. Then insert the picture url, so it displays on the page but isn’t stored on wordpress. The only pictures I upload to WP are ones I created myself. All the others are linked from other sites.

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