Farewell my sweet…

Adidas t-shirt….



I was supposed to throw it out a few months back but I didn’t and I was supposed to throw it out a year ago but I didn’t….

But I think my old buddy is now truly done and dusted…

I tried to tear of the collar bit that had ripped away(should have left it) and it tore all the rest…


download (77)

Grey Adidas is my favourite old running buddy and its been around for years…

I couldn’t face getting a new one yet:)

I did get some new shorts but new t-shirt????

Nooooooo ……… Not Yet!!



adididas 2download (78)adidas 3

I did see a very nice long-sleeved Nike purple shirt yesterday….

And it is coming into winter here soon and its purple…I like purple.

We will see next weekend:)

Too hot to wear it now but by the time winter comes, I will be able to wear it and not feel guilty…

I noticed yesterday when looking at shorts, was that they are not mid-thigh or even 3/4 thigh…

They are what we used to call at high school “Minge Grabbers” length, as crude as that sounds.

Not quite this bad but near enough..

Not quite this bad but near enough..

Or this!!

Or this!!

I know, we want them as light as possible and the less fabric the better BUT sometimes less is not more!!

It reminds me of the guys playing AFL which my sons watch…



download (82)Off for a run shortly…

March madness is off to a flying start….

Boot camp yesterday and  will go out soon for 60 minute run, in my modest shorts:)

2013 Miles/ Kms Challenge.

72.35 hours to date

333.75 miles/ 534.00 kilometres:)

I shall leave you today with a picture of Puss Puss indulging in Dad’s birthday brekkie yesterday…

Hubby found he had a very affectionate Puss Puss sitting on top of him….

Dad is not as easily swayed as Mum!!



I like Bacon, Dad!!

I like Bacon, Dad!!

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