A wee bit of a fib….

was told!!

Mmmmm Carrot Cake...

Mmmmm Carrot Cake…

I neglected to say that whilst I LOVE running, I also run so I can eat the likes of above and below….

I am not saying you can run off a bad diet, you can’t…

Neither should you run so you can eat more….As that is no fun…

But if I want a piece of cake or a little something now and then, it’s no sweat….

Treccia con arancia e cioccolato...

Treccia con arancia e cioccolato…

Pan di Spagna

Pan di Spagna

Wheaty Baps...

Wheaty Baps…

Ginger boys:)

Ginger boys:

I love breads ….Bread….

Mmmmm, even the cats are on the in danger of being swapped list when bread or yeast is mentioned……

Not plain yucky white bread, I am talking home-made breads…

No, I am not talking high falutin breads where the moon needs to refresh the water used etc…

Or the wheat needs to be harvested by Tibetan monks…

Just bread made with your own two hands!!

No special ingredients….well, ok, decent flour…

knead it!!

knead it!!

I tend not to eat more than a sliver (ha ha ha, big marytr) of the cakes, unless its Simnel or Carrot.

I also like Sausages and Salame ALOT!!

I know you are not supposed to eat sausages as they are so fatty and blah, blah, blah…

But I like the meaty little buggers!! Mmmmmm

Lucchese Sausage...very meaty!!

Lucchese Sausage…very meaty!!

Mr Beaks Sausages...tasty!!

Mr Beaks Sausages…tasty!!



Montalcino Salame with pecorino and tomato.....heaven!!

Montalcino Ham with pecorino and tomato…..heaven!!

I am not found of Bratwurst, yucky, yucky… or weirdo flavours….

I like beef, pork, lamb, maybe Moroccan or a bit of chilli or even chorizo but I don’t want weird…

I want to taste the meat thanks!!

The Mad Butcher in NZ and Hellers make primo sausages….


Sausages and salame are excellent protein!!

And runners need that:)

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

I thought about this and I think I will break it down into what I am doing.

March Month Total : 

Running : 16 kms

Cycling: 15 kms

Bootcamp: x 1

Weights: none

Hours : 3 hours

Total Year to date:

557 kms/ 348.12 miles

Hours  75.35


Long Hard Cat day!!

Long Hard Cat day!!


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