Errrrrr Mondayitis!!

Unless you stay home from work on Monday, it is a sucky day….

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But if you stay home, does your mondayitis technically move to the next day at work?

So it’s not Monday itself that sucks but the day you need to go back to work after a day off is actually the suck day?

Hmmm, must say when I go back to work on Tuesday or Wednesday after a long weekend, it’s never as bad as Monday>>

Well my Mondays are 10, yes, 10 hours long!!..decreasing hours throughout the week….

Yippee by Thursday but on Monday, it is not yippee!!



It is double yuck Monday today because one son is down with the dreaded lurgy which  I suspect he has now passed onto me and his brother!!

My hubby who seems to be forever ‘getting a cold” or ‘ has a cold coming on’ as he tells us , seems unaffected!!

For me the irony is, 3 months unemployed, not a day’s illness…

4 weeks at work….possible illness???


I have taken precautions now ahead of time:)



I shall run it off!!

I got up this morning and ran at 5.50am!!

Only taken me 4 tries to do so on Monday but today I did it….

Mr Puss Puss did wake me up at 5.40 for brekkie so I thought…..’oh well, it’s a sign”…

A bit of this is certainly needed for Monday Survival!!

A bit of this is certainly needed for Monday Survival!!

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

March Month Total : 

Running : 25 kms

Cycling: 15 kms

Bootcamp: x 1

Weights: none

Hours : 3. 50 hours

Total Year to date:

566 kms/ 353.75 miles

Hours  76.50


Mini Cat Mondays...

Mini Cat Mondays…very tired:)

Mr Puss Puss is tired out by monday...

Mr Puss Puss is tired out by Monday…



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