My Little Sparrow….

is 15 today…..

little sparrow

He has been saying for a few years….” I am an albatross now Mum!! ”  

 I said,” No, you will always be my sparrow, even when you are 60 years old with grandkids:)”

I am not sure why I called him my little sparrow, possibly cause he just to nibble at food as a kid and take forever to eat.

His brother (cats arse boy sometimes) is plumpy, as he was a plump wee thing with a shock of blonde hair like a mop!!

I am the only one who is allowed to call him that now, even though he is taller than me and a skinny rake!!

Happy Birthday....

Happy Birthday….

March is a month of birthdays in our house…

Hubby on the 1st, his friend we call Evil twin and a friends hubby too on the first, another friend on the 4th, Sparrow today, My Aunt on the 8th…

Ooops another aunt on the 5th, my uncle I think on the 2nd and a host of friends in the last week of March…

A bankrupting month:)

I did ask my little sparrow out for a birthday run but he declined and I had to do the birthday run alone:)

We had a lovely sushi dinner with 3 types of sushi, chicken teriyaki and rice, salad, and a shrimp and avocado thingy…

That is my little sparrows favourite food.

wee sparrow:)

wee sparrow:)

I am hungry today too.


2013 miles/kms Challenge:

March Month Total : 

Running : 34 kms

Cycling: 15 kms

Bootcamp: x 2

Weights: none

Hours : 4.40 mins

Total Year to date:

575 kms/ 359.37 miles

Hours  78.30 mins


download (92)



3 thoughts on “My Little Sparrow….

  1. March birthday month for me to my bro, mum and madam all in one week and if I am lucky Mother’s Day is in same week also as it is this year! Happy birthday sparrow!

  2. Its May in Canada too when I lived there my Mum always got two cards a year. Here it is linked to Christian calendar three Sundsya after Lent I think but dont quote me. Hey tell you sons you are celebrating twice this year , Paddington Bear has two birthdays so why not two Mother’s days!

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