What is it about weight???

weight loss

Why are we so obsessed?

I understand why for health reasons but it is not just about that.

Why do we think if we weigh a certain amount, it will solve all our problems?

It won’t most of the time.

Weighing a certain amount doesn’t make all the other crap better.

Believe me I know, I hear it every day and still believe it myself at times!!

Yes, as you can imagine, millions of $$$$ will come my way if I lose another 2 kilo’s!!

If, If, If, If……

My (insert here) will stop being a prick face and my (insert here) will treat me better if I weigh less.

Sound familar??


madness 1

As you can imagine, being a weight loss counsellor is VERY interesting.

I see all sorts of people, from all walks of life…well within a certain wage bracket because it is not cheap where I work.

Some people dither round and you really want to say to them ” Are you truly serious about losing weight?”

Some people you can say that to, its all about reading people and being able to judge how people want to be treated.


Some people want me to be a sergeant major and growl them…

Some people want me to pat their hand and say ” Never mind, at least you tried” …when in reality they need a good kick up the arse.

Some people have every excuse in the book, it is never their fault…but, but, but, but…

Some people put in 90-100% and get great results and we never see them again…

Sadly that is far and few between….

Many people are life time members….

Some people come and go all their life.

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It is hard not to get personally involved because it is such a personal subject.

Most people I see, I genuinely like and want only good things for and will do my utmost for but like everything in life, there is always a few assholes.

However the success rates of losing weight and keeping it off are not great, regardless of your method.

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It requires constant hard work….ALWAYS!!

This is the one thing that I truly don’t believe that people realise.

Clients say “Oh but you are so small”…BUT i am small because I work like a dog to be small.

My exercise on here and dedication to that alone without getting into the food side , is evidence of my hard work.

I don’t eat as I please, I am careful 80 -90% of the time.

hard work 3

I think weight loss has to be treated like an addiction…you need to be vigilant…unless you want to be at square one again.

I also think you need to be committed to it 100% !!

You have to want to make that change, its like with smoking, you really really really have to want to do it!!

No half-hearted arseyness.

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2013 miles/kms Challenge:

March Month Total : 

Running : 38.4 kms

Cycling: 35 kms

Bootcamp: x 2

Weights: none

Hours : 6.00 mins

Total Year to date:

599.2 kms/ 374.5 miles

Hours  79.50 mins


A mini  cat Snooze...

A mini cat Snooze…


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