Are Men blind?

I often wonder this…

download (95)Although I am taking the piss, I am also serious…

Is it more suitably called selective blindness?

You know like selective hearing?

When I say to the kids ” Money, lollies, food and TV”..the response comes before I even get the whole sentence out….

But if I say ” Jobs, school, bedtime, rubbish bins, and jobs again for good luck” …..I usually have to say it 16 times…

I also often wonder if selective hearing is why the TV needs to be at deaf level all the time?

Is it so we can provide Sky Sports almost 24/7 to the whole street for free?

I think selective hearing applies to cats too….as they only hear food, nothing else….and pats:)

selective 3

So do you think selective blindness is like that too?

Let me demonstrate….

Every Thursday night, I get the kids to put their washing baskets outside their doors…

Friday is my day off so I start on all the chores early….

The basket in question

The basket in question

As you can see, the basket in question is not small, It is about hip height and wide…

A little hard to miss!!

I ask all laundry is put in there so friday morning, I can start asap.

I empty all the other laundry baskets into these two as well.

Logic would say then all laundry to be done will go in those baskets…

My hubby will then go and put clothes in the baskets I have emptied when the ones with clothes in are in full view of his face!!

Its like WTF???

Can you not see the bloody DIRTY baskets?


Mr Puss Puss can see the baskets...

Mr Puss Puss can see the baskets…

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

March Month Total : 

Running : 38.4 kms

Cycling: 45 kms

Bootcamp: x 3

Weights: none (not good!!!)

Plyomterics: none

Hours : 7.45

Total Year to date:

609.2 kms/ 380.75 miles

Hours  81.35


Having a wee sleep as that exercise makes me tired!!

Having a wee sleep as that exercise makes me tired!!


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