Oh no Ralph!!!

Most distressed!


After meaning to take a Ralph Lauren window photo for Shaz runs for a few weeks, I went to do so today.

First I see a winter season denim shirt, that is a wee bit Deliverance style going on…

Maybe I should have known then…I should have looked away….

So I keep looking…BLOODY BLOODY HELL!!

download (98)

The skirt, if that is what you call it, was like a horse blanket with a belt thingy.

Ugly, Ugly, Ugly…..BRUTTA!!

Very very distressing….Plus that window dressing will be there for at least a month!

I was so distressed that I didn’t even look at the 2nd models clothes….I ran away!!


This was the 2nd distressing window as well…

My other favourite one, the window which my run is named after….”The Trelise run” was also very disappointing.

Trelise usually has bright bouffy, spirit cheering clothes…Nope, NOPE, nope!!

She has gone in for Autumn drabs in a BIG way…sad, sad, sad!!


Just as well I had planned a new day of exercise to distract myself after that shocker!!

As I am still fiddling round with a weights programme, I decided I would return to my roots and do a cardio/plyometric super Saturday!

Sooooooo…This was it…

early exercise

12 mins running

25 x burpees/ push ups/ box jumps/ tricep dips/ bench jump overs/ squats with medicine ball on balancing ball..

12 mins rowing

25 x burpees/ push ups/ box jumps/ tricep dips/ bench jump overs/ squats with medicine ball on balancing ball..

12 mins biking

2 mins x each  planks/ side planks/ wall sits/ sit ups…

x 2

Think it was about 105 minutes in total…


press ups

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

March Month Total : 

Running : 32.8 kms

Cycling: 54.5 kms

Rowing : 5.2 kms

Bootcamp: x 3

Weights: none (not good!!!)

Plyomterics: 45 minutes

Hours : 9.30

Monthly Distance: 92.5 kms/ 57.81 miles

Total Year to date:

628.3 kms/ 392.68 miles

Hours  83.20


Cat kip!

Cat kip!



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