What a surprise…

The kiddie fiddlers at Pitcairn are in the news again!!


Gee, why am I not surprised???

No matter, I am sure a spell in their ‘own jail’ will do just as good as it did for the convicted rapists in 2005/6.

 I wonder what would happen here if we let the convicted kiddie fiddlers/ rapists out for a certain amount of time each day to ‘help’ their community???

Ha ha ha…What a joke sentence they received.

Why they did not send them to a proper jail here in NZ or Aussie and then provide people to replace their  ‘labour ‘  is beyond my reasoning.

It was always a dream to visit Pitcairn Island, I love islands.

I wanted to do a Ben Fogle and visit all the Teatime Islands…

Probably not Pitcairn after 2006.

I saw that Nadine Christian, wife of Randy Christian & Daughter in law of Steve Christian (both convicted on 5 + rape, indecent assault and incest charges ) has written a novel about Pitcairn island.

Strangely, her husband and his father are not mentioned at all…

Perhaps Britain needs to put their foot down and take control of the Island instead of letting the Pitcairners control who comes and goes on ‘their ‘ island?


Enough said on that!

hot hot

It’s still a scorcher here…its like 24 degrees at 10pm!!

It is so brown and crispy…Drought has been declared and they reckon it’s the worst since 1940.

It is just soo soooooo hot all the time…

You go to hang out the washing and after 5 minutes you are sweating profusely.

Hard to run in that heat!

running songs 2

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

March Month Total : 

Running : 48.oo kms

Cycling: 54.5 kms

Rowing : 5.2 kms

Bootcamp: x 3

Weights: 45 minutes

Plyomterics: 45 minutes

Hours : 11.45

Monthly Distance: 107.7 kms/ 67.31 miles

Total Year to date:

643.5 kms/ 402.18 miles

Hours  85.35


Watch cat...

Watch cat…


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