Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter…



Most of the time I was running today, I was thinking about a slice of wholemeal toast with peanut butter on it!

Maybe because I brought some peanut butter for the first time in ages yesterday?

We hardly ever have it as none of our boys like it…Strange.

The other day I had this really strange run.

download (99)

The whole time, I felt like I was not breathing right for my pace or that new runners mental breathing in the first ten minutes…

You know where your head tells you to stop as it’s too hard, can’t breathe, stop etc etc…

Or for us old dog runners… when you go too fast and you need to regulate your breathing and you sort of get a horrible breathless feeling?

I felt like that the whole time but I wasn’t running fast or anything…could still sing when running, was doing an average long run pace…


running 4

It was like a bad run but just the breathing wasn’t feeling right, not the mental too hard or physical aches….

Tomorrow morning we are taking the boys out for a Brekkie brunch at the Stamford Plaza.

We thought a full buffet would be good for the lads, what with their tendency to hoover up the food:)

I must say I am not a buffet fan but this is a very nice hotel, so there will be no bum pickers or gross snot wipers picking at food with their grubby mitts!!

Have been looking forward to it all week so I will be doing my long run before I go, so I will hungry when I get there…

Here is a selection of what I will be enjoying guilt free, in the morning, after my run:)

Stamford Plaza....

Stamford Plaza….

Bakery Station

pain au chocolate, assorted Danish, breakfast cakes, selection of muffins, friands, brown rolls, white rolls, white toast, fruit bread, grain toast, preserves
Assorted Fruit Selection
fruit salad, lemon grass & ginger syrup, plain & fruit yoghurt,
an assorted of sliced fresh fruit, sugar soaked peaches
Assorted Cereal Selection
nutra grain, cornflakes, all bran, light & tasty, rice bubbles, granola, wheat bix
Waffle Station
waffle machine, mixed berries, maple syrup, waffle mix
Porridge Station
porridge, brown sugar, cinnamon sugar, sultanas, cream, dried apricots
Meat & Cheese
sliced smoked ham, sliced continental meats, sliced cheddar, brie wedges, smoked salmon
Hot Line
basil parmesan grilled tomatoes, hash browns, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, chicken sausage, pork sausages, streaky bacon, shoulder bacon,
ranch style baked beans, sautéed mushrooms


They do High tea as well….Something for next time:)


download (100)

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

March Month Total : 

Running : 66.5.oo kms

Cycling: 54.5 kms

Rowing : 5.2 kms

Bootcamp: x 3

Weights: 45 minutes

Plyomterics: 45 minutes

Hours : 13.28

Monthly Distance: 126.2 kms/ 78.87 miles

Total Year to date:

662 kms/ 413.75 miles

Hours  87.23


High Tea another time!!!

High Tea another time!!!


4 thoughts on “Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter…

  1. would you believe the first thing i saw this morning at brekkie was PEANUT BUTTER in little packets….didnt feel like it then…maybe a running thing… as feel like it now:)

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