Hop, Hop, Hoppy….

I like the easter bunny…

The best easter bunny is the one in “The rise of the Guardians”

easter bunny

This Easter bunny rocks!!

He is so cool, even if he is an Aussie:)…

I love Easter …my favourite easter treats were Cadbury creme eggs and marshmallow bunnies

creme eggs


But since I stopped eating Cadbury’s after the palm oil debacle and the moving of 90% of the making of NZ Cadbury’s to Aussie, there has been none of that.

I love the wee eggs too…

I just have not found a good substitute…

I saw some mini M & M eggs this year so will try them and Mars mini eggs too…


I also bake a lot of Easter breads and buns, like Colomba Pasquale  and other easter goodies …

I am making some choccie hot cross buns, Pizza di Pasqua and another Italian Easter bread and maybe some nutella buns:)

What about mini M&M egg brownies???

My Hot Cross Buns!! Yummmm

My Hot Cross Buns!! Yummmm

What will you be having?

Can you believe its the end of march almost?

Before we know it, it will be Xmas again..

Minimal running this week, was a bit naughty and did 9 km yesterday but will be good the rest of the week…

Did weights today and then I really branched out and did 13 km on the spin bikes….

spin bikes

That is a big wooo wooo for me…

And and and I am going to go to Bikram yoga.

You know, the sweaty yoga??

I have done Ashtanga yoga on and off for a few years and thought Bikram would be good as I don’t stretch hardly ever.

Plus its close to home, that is a big factor with me…

I really like Ashtanga BUT I can not be arsed to go into the city…


I think the no stretching is the root of my sore Achilles etc…

I have thought about it for a while but am a bit scared to go because of the heat…

I am worried I will faint!!


Luckily hubby (miracles upon miracles) is going to come too:)

Don't think this is me though!!

Don’t think this is me though!!

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

March Month Total : 

Running : 119.0.oo kms

Cycling: 119.3

Rowing : 5.2 kms

Bootcamp: x 3

Weights: 3.30

Plyomterics: 45 minutes

Hours : 24.27

Monthly Distance: 243.8/ 152.25

Total Year to date:

782.8 kms/ 489.25 miles

Hours  98.39


Colomba Pasquale

Colomba Pasquale

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