We’re off to see the …

No, not the wizard….Rangitoto...

We are off to Rangitoto Island.

It’s about 30 minutes by Ferry from Auckland.


It is a nature reserve and a volcanic landscape…

No one lives there, well some conservation staff sort of do and the odd holiday maker stays a few nights but I don’t think there is electricity there…

You can climb to the top of the crater.

We took the boys years ago when they were 7 or 8 and we basically had to drag them up there…

Moaning and carrying on the whole way…

Before the moaning starts

Before the moaning starts

I can report no carrying went on today but plenty of moaning:)

You would think we were child abusers!!

So even though we walked about 15-18 kms in 4-5 hours it seemed like forever and at least 30 kms!

It was up and down hills and on volcanic rock through the bush…

Hard yakka but wonderful views…

It was very hot and I went for a swim in my smalls off one of the wharves on the way back…

Sliced my finger and feet on the oyster rocks getting out though..

A few of the old bach’s had people in them as well.

View  from the top....

View from the top….

Main site of NZ navy...On the way to Rangitoto

Main site of NZ navy…On the way to Rangitoto

Climbing Mt Doom!!

Climbing Mt Doom!!

View from Top to Auckland City

View from Top to Auckland City

Birds at the wharf greeting us:)

Birds at the wharf greeting us:)

A spot of Lunch at the top...

A spot of Lunch at the top…

One of the baches...

One of the baches…

A good way to end the month:)

In my 2013 miles challenge, I am on target…

I needed to have done 495 miles today, which I am now on 510 miles  so 3 days ahead…

Which is good as I was behind after my few slack o days this month….

Only 1 run this week but let the trotters rest by biking etc…

Will see about a small run tomorrow:)

After being most impressed by Shazruns Garmin, I may just get one…

Will keep you posted!

Looking very GUILTY!!

Looking very GUILTY!!

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

March Month Total : 

Running : 119.0.oo kms

Cycling: 137.3 kms

Rowing : 5.2 kms

Bootcamp: x 3

Weights: 3.30

Hiking : 15 kms

Plyomterics: 45 minutes

Hours : 30.08

Monthly Distance: 277.8 kms/ 173.25 miles

Total Year to date:

815.8 kms/ 509.87 miles (1/4 of the way with the 2013 miles!!)

Hours  104.18


Almost there....on the way back...

Almost there….on the way back…

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