Herezzzzzzzzzzzzz April ….

So this month?

Fitness wise….Goals, Goals, Goals….

hard work and lift those weights!!

hard work and lift those weights!!

Well I carry on with the 2013 challenge….That’s a long-term one…

April , I will try Bikram yoga OR go back to 1 class of Ashtanga a week.

Need to get a stretch class or something in….I am not likely to do it alone, so a class it will be:(

Looking at my cycling and running totals, I am going to increase them as well slightly…


I reached my monthly goal but I want to exceed it by 10% this month.

So maybe 135 km for running and 160 for cycling…

The running will be sweet as I used to do 70 km a week….

Maybe a little more weights as was a little slack last month…. at least 2 sessions a week.



Time also to look SERIOUSLY about a marathon….

That’s a hard one for me…

I have run 35 km before but there is a mental block re the marathon with me…

Anyhow 7 months till Auckland marathon and the usual marathon program is 16 weeks?

Maybe 20 weeks, so a little time but need to pull finger out and DO IT!!

I am just scared I won’t be able to run the distance…

If I just went out to run 42 km tomorrow and didn’t that’s not so bad but with others watching???



As for other things….The April Goal list is long and varied….

I need to do my Italian regularly and start my Skype lessons again…

Go to work…

Get a business mentor to help with the marketing of my i love Lucca adventures

Buy a car, really like the bambina’s but think this will be later in the year..


2013 Challenge

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

April Month Total : 

Running : 9.2km


Rowing :


Hiking :


Hours : 0.52 mins

Monthly Distance: 9.2 kms / 5.75 miles


I will leave you with figs today not cats…

They have pissed me off royally!!

Well Mr Puss Puss….More on that later….




3 thoughts on “Herezzzzzzzzzzzzz April ….

  1. You could so do a marathon no problem you have great level of fitness and all you need to get round is that and strong mental skills (stubborness?) so now you know you’ve got what it takes ENTER that marathon!

  2. First marathon should be done with a ‘just finish ‘ mentality so walking not a problem, subsequent marathons are the ones you need to worry about time and PB ‘s (in my opinion!)

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