Did I mention Wieiner Schnitzel???

Love it!!



Lovely freshly crumbed and lightly fried (not deep fried or dripping in oil) and then sprinkled with salt…..BLISS!!

Jean Nideitch of Weight Watchers, said we all have certain foods where we just lose all rationality and can’t control ourselves.

Frankenstein Foods, she called them….

I agree with her, and it is not food you would expect….

Really think about it….

Yes, we all love chocolate but is it your absolute weakness???

I love choccie and breads BUT I can put them aside….

Think about it!!

Mine is Weiner Schtnitzel and Corned Beef….

Mmmmmm Meat!!

Seriously, I can eat them until I feel like a big BLOATED PIG!!! and beyond…..

I am not kidding, either!!


Piggy Wiggy!!

Piggy Wiggy!!

So have you been behaving?

I got so busy at work and was just sooooooo tired, I had to leave the bleats for a few days:)

I have though been running and doing all my exercise.

No yoga as yet…..Thinking, thinking , Yep need more doing!!

I ended up working last friday (my day off) and then saturday was diabolical.

This week has been better time wise but some people…..


You need to wonder seriously about people.

We all have problems and shit happening in our lives but some people….

This woman that comes into my work each week, every time she creates a drama and tries to play the Martyr and then the hard done by…

She must be a sad person to need to do that constantly…

Maybe she needs a good run:)



2013 miles/kms Challenge:

April Month Total : 

Running : 53.0 kms/ 22.5 miles

Cycling: 35.3km

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 2.00 hr

Hiking :


Hours : 8.30

Monthly Distance: 90.3 kms / 56.43 miles


Mmmm favourite!!

Mmmm favourite!!


2 thoughts on “Did I mention Wieiner Schnitzel???

  1. God I’ve had those coconut mms tey are goooooood, you evil person for posting a pic f such temptations, fortunately they are not readily available here!

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