thank god


Boy am I looking forward to it….

Last Friday I had to work , the Friday before the kids were home…BAH!!

Even my 4 hours break on my split shift on a Tuesday was bum!!

So I shall run tomorrow like no one is watching!!! Lol!!..

Its been a hard week for cats

Its been a hard week for cats

Very tiring....

Very tiring….

Mr Puss Puss has been VERY put out today…

As it is now friday, I am doing the cleaning but every so often I do a BIG clean…

I decided today I would do a pre winter clean and re-arrange the furniture a bit to accommodate the coming cold and woodburner we will be using.


This meant Mr  Puss Puss’s bean bag (above ) was vacuumed and moved!!

The audacity!!

You can imagine the hair that comes off it…

So today, when he deems it ok to climb back on, he looks at me in the most hurt manner….

In fact, he was so upset, he went into the cupboard for a while):

Most upset!!

Most upset!!

Hmm, whats in here today??

Hmm, whats in here today??

Trying to get away from the vaccum cleaner....

Trying to get away from the vacuum cleaner….

Mmmm, might get out...if I feel like it!!

Mmmm, might get out…if I feel like it!!

Fabulous long run today…..17.4 km, felt good too and should have done more as I didn’t feel tired:)

It was a really nice run, a few small hills to keep it interesting but not too hard:)

It was good as my last few runs, were a bit shitey, all a BIG BIG BIG effort.

After my forced rest day yesterday where I was gagging to run all day but I just couldn’t get away from work…

I have been making use of a lunch break and going about 3 ish…2-3 times a week at work…


I could see people running past my work and that longing to go kicks in BUT I have to stay where I am and look longingly out my office window:(

I was champing at the bit this morning to go…

Have a few long runs planned out in my head too….

I will run over 50 kms this week.

It has been a wee while since doing that too……

Have been doing 35-45 kms for a while…

Needed to work this baby off!!

Needed to work this baby off!!

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

April Month Total : 

Running : 70.4 kms/ 44 miles

Cycling: 35.3km

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 2.00 hr

Hiking :


Hours : 10.10 

Monthly Distance: 107.7 kms / 67.3 miles


This too...

This too…




3 thoughts on “Almost…….

  1. When I see others out running when I can’t I get runner’s envy, when I see them out and I’ve already run I get runner’s smugness! Oscar loves an open cupboard too and of course hates the hoover!

    • glad there is a name for it!! I wasn’t sure 🙂 Mr Puss Puss has spent half the day in a closed cupboard before…of course i felt so guilty for days afterwards, there was non stop treats!!

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