Napoli or Trieste??? Decisions, Decisions….

Hard enough trying to decide for real…..



Yes Please!!

Yes Please!!

BUT when the new seasons coffee arrived UNANNOUNCED at Nespresso ,

What is a girl to do???

Get both, have both….

I have not had the pleasure of going to Trieste as yet but I do believe the coffee there is the best in Italy, so they tell me:)

However I have had coffee in Napoli and this Nespresso HITS the spot, just like in Napoli itself.

coffee 2


It’s just like Napoli…

Very contradictory, steals your heart and then stomps on it:).

I was going to tell you about some very nice freeze-dried NZ coffee I tried the other day….

But it just pales in comparison after this mornings adventure:)…

They do, Avalanche, have very very nice beans and filter coffee and if I was going to get freeze dried…

It would be by Avalanche:)

Nice BUT not napoli Nespresso:)

Nice BUT not napoli Nespresso:)

Particularly hideous weights work out today!!!

Heard of Anyhows???


Kellie Davis...This is the BUTT!!

Kellie Davis…This is the BUTT!!

I decided to do the weights program that my husband does…with him.

Hmmm….Sore legs now….Not sure if that is actually good.

I am off to yoga in the morning though…Not Bikram but Ashtanga…

That should help with the throbby leg:)

Making Pasticciotto tonight too…Mmmm filled with pastry creme…Yum!!

Will be gorgeous with that coffee:)


2013 miles/kms Challenge:

April Month Total : 

Running : 73.4 kms/ 45.87 miles

Cycling: 35.3km

Rowing : 4 km

Weights: 3 .00 hr

Hiking :


Hours : 11.10

Monthly Distance: 112.7 kms / 70.43 miles


Puss Puss fast asleep!!

Puss Puss fast asleep!!


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