To Yoga or Not To Yoga….

That is the question…


yoga 1Actually no, the question is Bikram or Ashtanga???

I have done Ashtanga Yoga @ the Yoga Academy through the years on and off and always enjoyed it immensely as it is quite dynamic and it flows.

I did try Hatha years ago but found it too slow and not ‘sweaty’ enough….

I have been planning to try Bikram but am worried about the sweaty/heat/fainting aspect of it all…

bikram 2

Very creepy!! Ekkkkk

Maybe they will be looking like this!!!

Maybe they will be looking like this!!!

Creepy dudes in jockeys doesn’t do it for me and believe me at the end of the day, someone’s willy waving in my face just doesn’t cut it !!

Why can’t they just wear proper bloody things….you know appropriate for what you do…

If you are doing side kicks etc, it’s probably NOT a good idea to wear shorts with NO undies!!

Like if you are running, a low-cut bra doesn’t really work either!! Not with Double D knockers!!

katie 1

As I said, flashes are not what I need, I have enough trauma in my life thanks!!

Anyways, I digress as usual….

I went to Ashtanga yesterday…Forgot how tired you get afterwards…

It is VERY deceptive that Ashtanga but it works and the lie down at the end is lovely.

Bliss on a stick:)

But I feel I need to try the Bikram!

So I will give it a go.

I will breathe deep and go…

So stand by for details!!!

Sweatyness ahoy!!

Ha ha ha ha…

linda 2

Oopps, just an update on the Linda Hamilton arms….

They are getting there….I can see definite definition happening….

2013 miles/kms Challenge:

April Month Total : 

Running : 81.5 kms/ 50.93 miles

Cycling: 35.3km

Rowing : 4 km

Weights: 3 .00 hr

Hiking :


Yoga: 1 hour

Hours : 13.10

Monthly Distance: 120.9 kms / 75.56 miles


I am relaxed...I don't need yoga!!

I am relaxed…I don’t need yoga!



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