Bobbi, Chocolate and the Wardrobe…..

I want Bobbi and Chocolate!!! NOW!

Which comes first, that is the question?

Want this now!!

Want this now!!

and this too!!

and this too!!

I just love Bobbi !

I am not really a girly girl but I do like some girly things..

I like Bobbi because she has make up that is not over the top and its classy and elegant.

Like Bobbi Brown herself, I think.

I have times where I really really WANT new Bobbi things:).

bobbi brown

Bobbi, like all elegant items , is not cheap and Hubby often wonders (out loud!!) why one needs to pay $100 for an eye colour or $300 for a kit…

Personally I think it is a very silly thing to wonder…

Little does he know of the joy it gives!!

One often needs to be cunning and let things sit in one’s wardrobe for a bit….

Tuck it away....

Tuck it away….

Then one can say honestly that the said item was not JUST brought!!

or new new…

Cause new new means brought today/ tomorrow….after that it ceases to be new…even if it is unused:)

The eye kit above, I have it but I decided I need a new one, well new colors.

A girl can never have too many eyeliner colors….or running shorts/shirts:)

Or Wardrobe space:)

Hubby does not realise this….

He is lucky he does not fall into that category himself!!



Lovely shorts!!

Lovely shorts!!



I also REALLY REALLY wanted some chocolate after a day where I know I did not eat enough, so at night even after dinner, I was still hungry…

But sometimes you just want chocolate.

All night, I was going, “Shall I go to the 24 hour Supermarket and get some?”

So that answers that…Chocolate first then Bobbi!!

Sorry Bobbi, still love you and will be getting a new eye kit after this week:)

I did not get the said chocolate though…..


and not in the wardrobe either…..

Worth waiting for....

Worth waiting for….

Hard seats on those spin bikes!!

Did 20 odd kms on the spin bikes Wednesday….

Did 9 km run yesterday…

And a 18 km run today….  

Weights tomorrow and then yoga on Sunday….

Am going to Bikram this coming week.!!

2013 miles/kms Challenge: April Month Total : 

Running : 117.5 kms/ 73.43 miles

Cycling: 55.3km

Rowing : 4 km

Weights: 3 .00 hr

Hiking :


Yoga: 1 hour

Hours : 17.25

Monthly Distance: 175.96 kms / 109.97 miles


The Mini Cat...

The Mini Cat…


2 thoughts on “Bobbi, Chocolate and the Wardrobe…..

  1. I’ve heard it’s best to perform cardio on a empty stomach because
    you burn off more fat. I have also heard that you need to eat a
    carb before you do your cardiovascular because you need power
    to do the cardiovascular exercise. Which one is it?
    Wouldn’t you simply be burning off what you just consumed instead of fat if you did cardio with something that you simply ate prior to the cardio exercise?.

    • interesting enough i was tonight reading an article about this as i run early, first thing…
      For me as a runner, I am better to have a little something before i run…
      have a look, its in the latest runners world mag- nz/aussie edition…very intrestsing article…
      Both are right but depends on your purpose, if that makes sense….

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