27 weeks….

Yes, 195 days….

akls mara5thonakld marathon until the AUCKLAND MARATHON!!!

The time has come for me to stop longing (but with extreme fear of failing) to do the marathon.

I have been running on and off for about 7-8 years but regularly doing 30-50 kms a week for 4-5 years.

I have run 36 km and countless 20+ km runs.

I can’t say the trotters are not strong enough…

doubt 1

I do this most of the year….

I think about it, I think about it, I think about it…

I run and think about it and then think some more.

It maybe time to not think:)


I really wanted my first to be the Lucca marathon, especially this year as its REAL close to my birthday!!

What a gift to myself…no sarcasm!!

Yes, I could go and I could run the half in Lucca but it wouldn’t be the same and this is not taking away from the half runners.

I like this distance a lot and if I find the marathon is not me, I would be happy running this distance for ever:)

What about the Venice Marathon, The Great Wall Marathon or the Everest Marathon…AWESOME!!!

marathon top

Just looking at the top ten Marathons….

Sorry but bugger all of them interest me…

The only one on the list would be Paris….

But been there a few times so it wouldn’t make me drool like the Great wall one!!

Have to also say that no American ones interest me either…

No offense but never been that keen to go to the USA.

Even the Auckland one is not that exciting…I have run the half and then run the other half of it on long runs….

Long, straight and pretty flat, the 2nd half.

Nice scenery but pretty boring…

les sables

Maybe a marathon through the desert?

The toughest in the world!! Les Marathon des Sables

Anyhow now getting carried away!!

Let us do one first!!


I have sent 2 training plans to hubby’s work to print…

Both are 20 weekers.

One does the distance, well near to that twice, and I like that.

That is what holds me back is the fear I will NOT do the distance on the day!!

Or if I hit the wall!!

images (14)

So to do it before the big day…well that is reassuring:)

Plus you need to have reached a certain level before you can start this programme.

I also have 2 other programs to look at…..

P1080146 (800x600)

Whitey says ” Hmmm, I can snooze away 42 kms….”

2013 miles/kms Challenge: April Month Total : 

Running : 117.5 kms/ 73.43 miles

Cycling: 55.3km

Rowing : 4 km

Weights: 4 .00 hr

Hiking :


Yoga: 2 hour

Hours : 19.25

Monthly Distance: 175.96 kms / 109.97 miles


run alot




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