Legs Shaz, Legs???

How are they?

How are you?

How was the wee run??????

And most importantly, did Oscar get his dinner on time?



As you know Shaz from Shaz runs did the London Marathon, in fact she is still probably running as we speak.

I just saw Kebede run past the finish line….So I know she won’t be far away!!

I am being cheeky and doing Mondays blog today, sunday:)

I can’t wait to hear how she did…Fabulous, I reckon.

Kerre Woodham

Kerre Woodham

Carrying on with the Marathon vein….

Kerre Woodham…Love her!!

Kerre, for those who do not know, is a NZ broadcaster, tv personality and  a lady of many talents.

She was a hard drinker, party girl in the eighties and always told it how it was.

Anyhow her book about her marathon experience in 2007 delighted me!!

Like she says herself, if she can do it, so can you!!!

She is a woman after my own heart, and I feel she is telling me specifically to get off the BLOODY fence and do it!!

In Paris!!

Am changing my weights program this week and adding 3 sessions of Ashtanga.

I am looking over the marathon plans as we speak.

I will need to enter soon for Auckland Marathon as the half is already closed and that’s early November.

P.S – SHAZ SURVIVED IT IN FINE STYLE!!!! Check it out to read Thanks…details to come!!

I have , to celebrate Shaz’s fabulous run, made and of course eaten for her as well, this vanilla slice!!

Gorgeous and well needed after that bloody long , insanely long long, long and LONG run!!

Maybe a spot of Bikram yoga is needed to stretch/ sweat out that run?

Then you can tell me how it was as I STILL have not been….

Well done Shaz!!

Kiwi Vanilla Slice

Kiwi Vanilla Slice

2013 miles/km Challenge: April Month Total : 

Running : 125.5km / 78.43

Cycling: 55.3km

Rowing : 4 km

Weights: 4 .00 hr

Hiking :


Yoga: 2 hour

Hours : 20.15

Monthly Distance: 183.96 km / 114.97 miles


Tinny making sure its safe to come out!!

Tinny making sure its safe to come out!!


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