Lady Marmalade…

Love it!!

moulin rougeJust added a few new songs to my running playlist as there was going to be Madness indeed if I listened to”Driving in my car ” or ” Embarrassment”  any longer!!

Britney Spears would indeed be hit one more time!!

I love, love, love Lady Marmalade, it was my on the bar dancing/drinking song in the fun old days before I became a boring arse!!

Coyote Ugly girl….That was me:)

I want to go to a Moulin Rouge party!!

coyote ugly

Also found Peter Blakeley…”Crying in the Chapel” and added a few more Pink songs.

Pink is great to run to as she has a range of songs and speeds:)

Plus she is ballsy and you wouldn’t see her giving up on the hill run:)

Tonight I will search for a few more 80/90’s hots…


Did a wee run to the gym and then did my new weights schedule ….

It’s a sweat maker:)…. I will give it a few weeks and see how we go.

Michelle’s mega program!! 

Part one:

15-25 minute run as warm up  or 10 minutes rowing/elliptical etc

1st super set:

Split Squat with 10 kg plate x 15  (each leg)

20 x jump overs

 15 full pushups

Do the 3 exercises one after the other then rest after pushups and repeat 2 more times.

jelly legs too

2nd super set:

Step ups with 7 kg weight each hand x 15 (each leg)

Mountain Climbers x 30

Kettle ball through legs squat – 9 kg weight x 15

Do the three exercises one after the other then rest after kettleball and repeat 2  more times.

tricep press ups

3rd super set:

Bicep curls with 15kg barbell x 15

Burpees x 15

Tricep extentions with 10 kg barbell x 15

Do one after the other, then rest after triceps and repeat 2  more times.

download (94)

Core Etc:

2 minute plank

90 sec side plank

90 sec plank

90 sec side plank

2 minute plank

20 x v sit up

20 ball cross overs

2 full chin ups- (am slowing working on increasing)

Do one after the other then rest and repeat.


nike 2

Part two later in the week when I do it…

I have kept it pretty simple, still using Michelle Bridges outlines as a template.

She has a 4 day ‘Hard and heavy ‘ weights program and I did it for 2-3 weeks but its not me.

Too much weights.

My program is running related and will benefit me in that direction.

You will notice a lot of single leg work:)

You definitely need to do weights for running as it helps strengthen you, gives your body great definition/tone and makes your body a fat burning machine:)

2 days maybe 3 is the max for weights for me .

 I like things where you work with your own bodyweight or exercises that are easily adapted to not having a gym.

I am not a gym bunny as you know, and only do weights etc so I CAN RUN injury free but there are definite advantages to weights.

Linda Hamilton’s arms for example!!

Linda's arms will be mine!!!

Linda’s arms will be mine!!!

2013 miles/km Challenge: April Month Total : 

Running : 138.5km / 86.56 miles

Cycling: 55.3km

Rowing : 4 km

Weights: 5 .00 hr

Hiking :


Yoga: 3 hour

Hours : 23.05

Monthly Distance: 194.96 km / 121.85 miles


Whitey in drawer..

Whitey in drawer.


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