Happy Jersey to Go with HAPPY SOCKS!!

Can you believe it??

My happy socks have a mate!!

Happy Jersey....

Happy Jersey….

What a score….I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Happy Jersey!!

From H& M too…

I know that some people consider the socks to be an eyesore but they aren’t!!!

They are HAPPY SOCKS!!

They have made a few appearances throughout time:)

Happy, Happy, Happy….Just looking at it makes me happy.

Granted, the stripes are not as bright as the socks…

I am not 100% sure I would like a jersey exactly like the socks.

download (24)

The jersey is soft and lovely too….A joy to wear.

It reminds me of my Koala from when I was a kid and used to pick the fluff off it and stick it up my nose…

Yes, a strange child indeed…

No wonder no one shakes their heads at why I like to run for miles…

I am not allowed out of the house with both items on, the boys said.

The socks are snug and tight and really could work as compression socks….

download (6)

I don’t actually wear the happy socks outside my gate.

Well, OK, occasionally I wear them with gumboots to the shops:)

Ok, I have also run with them a few times…

But I know that I am the least likely to be looked at in stripey socks than some people who go shopping….

In their PJ’s for example or shorts/dresses sooooo short , they show all and sundry what they had for breakfast…

The jersey will be totally acceptable alone outside the gate:)

Just as well I didn’t tell them about the stripey knickers too:)

the said socks!!!

the said socks!!!

Wee bit of running today, just keeping it to 4-5 km a day at the moment until I get the leg checked next week.

Missed my long run that I normally do friday so went for a cycle instead.

 I did 22 kms on the spin bikes.

I actually am starting to like the spin bikes BUT the seat is SOOOOOO hard, it makes it really uncomfortable.


Love Oggy too….

NO, No, No, I AM NOT getting those yucky padded bike shorts either…..

2013 miles/km Challenge: April Month Total : 

Running : 142.5km / 89.06 miles

Cycling: 76.3km

Rowing : 4 km

Weights: 6 .00 hrs

Hiking : Zilch so far:)

Plyometrics: in with the weights

Yoga: 3 hour

Hours : 24.10

Monthly Distance: 222.8 km / 139.28 miles


Yeah...Don't think we will join you running...we will wait here and watch!!

Yeah…Don’t think we will join you running…we will wait here and watch!!


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