Cardio Cold Turkey – How ditching cardio can ramp up your fat loss.

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Eat - Sweat - Think

This blog post is going to be controversial for some.  I’m putting that out there right now so you know what to expect.

What I’m about to write about goes against my past better principles when it comes to health and fitness.  In fact this is kind of hard for me to digest as it relates to an addiction that has given me great comfort in the past.

I read this article recently ‘Why women should not run’. The title intrigued me like a red rag to a bull because as most of you that know me, or that follow my blog, will know – I LOVE to run.

The title was bit of ruse because what I think it should have been is ‘Why Women shouldn’t do lots of steady state cardio’ but I get that that isn’t quite as catchy and provocative.

The whole premise of this

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