Ommmmm & Mega Weights Part 2:

Bobbi Brown Britomart

Bobbi Brown Britomart

Did I mention that Yoga is near the ONLY Bobbi Brown store in Australasia?

No??? Strange that…

There is Bobbi Brown within other shops but this is the only Bobbi only shop.

This week coming, I am going to go 2-3 times, err to yoga that is, NOT the shop:)

I can feel the benefits of that shop , err yoga.

I am enjoying the yoga though, Bobbi Brown aside):


I forgot , yesterday, in all my misery like ranting to say I had done part 2 of the weights.

So here it is , in all its glory:)

Michelle’s mega weights part 2:

You decide what weight you will use.

20-30 minute run as warm up (or do 10 mins rowing/elliptical etc)

Leg press x 15

Single calf raises x 15 e/l

Pull downs x 15

Do one after the other then rest 1 minute and repeat twice more

weights push up

Shoulder extentions x 15

Walking lunges x 12

Jump overs x 30

images (4)

Deadlifts  x 15

Tricep dips x 15

Bicep curls with barbel x 15

Do one after the other then rest 1 minute and repeat twice more.

download (2)

Plank x 2 mins

Leg extension crunch x 20

V-sit up x 20

Plank x 2 minutes

Wall sit x 2 mins

Do one after the other then rest 1 minute and repeat once more.


Did I mention my eldest son is doing bodybuilding?

He has just said he is doing a competition in October.

You should see all the supplements etc that he takes.

I am not sure about all that stuff, I am more into natural myself.

Also he is still a teenager and his body has yet to finish growing…

As long as there is no steroids and he doesn’t look like the man below….

Err not quite like this either!!

Err not quite like this either!!

2013 miles/km Challenge: April Month Total : 

Running : 151.5km / 94.68 miles

Cycling: 76.3km

Rowing : 4 km

Weights: 7 .00 hrs

Hiking : Zilch so far:)

Plyometrics: in with the weights

Yoga: 4 hours

Hours : 27.10

Monthly Distance: 231.8 km / 144.87 miles


P1080352 (800x600)


4 thoughts on “Ommmmm & Mega Weights Part 2:

    • this coming from the Queen of the marathon!! LOL!! Serious, this is simple, simple and only takes 45-60 mins as i don’t like the weights…. time flies when you are having fun …he he he lol..

  1. There’s loads of Bobbi Brown shops here, although I don’t use them myself. I don’t know if it’s the same over there, but the women who work in them are very scary! Too much makeup!

  2. Now i can see you in Bobbi really John!! …but i know what you saying, the women never are ‘natural looking” . I am VERY scared when they offer me a ‘makeover’…I want to say” err no thanks, i like the natural look thanks:)”…… I have been into the Bath and a London Bobbi’s, one in Hong Kong airport, err one at a Gatwick I think too…and i recall one in Paris i think and another airport I least expected there to be one….So really I could almost be the Bobbi airport queen!!

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