ashtanga 1

I love Ashtanga…

Ok, I love that it is close to Bobbi and the Prada shop too.

Yes, I forgot to mention Prada @ Galleria last time…

I knew you wouldn’t be able to concentrate!!

Look at this beauty!

The classic Prada that only changes in color seasonally.



Don’t even think of breathing on it!!

Luckily later in the year we will be hopping over the ditch…

Birthday this year, you are mine!!

Why else would one go to Aussie?

Only to get Duty Free Prada….

Look at it!! It is a stunner…

Why I could even maybe persuaded to swap the cats, well one, for the bag!!

Most definitely the kids, why 2 boys at least for one bag…great deal…



But I digress as per usual.

Ashtanga @ The Yoga Academy.

I love it.

I have been to Ashtanga on and off for about 10-15 years and 99% has been at the Yoga Academy.

It largely depends on how arsed I can be to going into town even though its only 10 minutes on a good traffic run.

The difficulty is, I seemed to have mostly lived on the opposite side of town to where all the Ashtanga studios are.

There are none in Newmarket…

Bikram (yes, I am a chicken) Hatha and the like are all within a 10 minute walk…but no Ashtanga.

But the yoga academy is wonderful.

Jude Hynes that runs it, is a lovely lady and so inspirational.

I have had the pleasure of Jude’s classes a few times along with Bernadette Rae, who is awesome.

Bernadette, I think, is a legend in Ashtanga circles.

ashtanga 2

There are even multilingual classes too.

I like Ashtanga because it is flowing, from one pose to the next.

Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking its easy…NOPE, NOPE, NOPE…

You need to be fit BUT it suits bodies of all ages, because there are resting options at every stage and there in lies the beauty of Ashtanga.

I like it because it is similar to plyometrics and you are constantly working with your body weight.

At the end, I am buggered.

Yep, Yoga keeps this boy at bay too!!

Yep, Yoga keeps this boy at bay too!!

Plus even for me, I had periods of quiet in my head whilst doing Ashtanga, No thoughts, No must do’s etc.

I have been doing hour classes, since I started back but will start doing 90 minute classes again this week.

So if you haven’t been, don’t be a Bikram chicken like moi and get yourself down to a class…

Stretch is awesome, leg feels not as throbby , its all good:)

Maybe no visits this week from my smelly black mate above!!

Part three of weights tomorrow plus a wee run…

25 km spin cycle today…

This will mean I will just squeak in miles wise for the month!!


Totally unrelated but yum!!

Totally unrelated but yum!!

2013 miles/km Challenge: April Month Total : 

Running : 151.5km / 94.68 miles

Cycling: 101.3km

Rowing : 4 km

Weights: 7 .00 hrs

Hiking : Zilch so far:)

Plyometrics: in with the weights

Yoga: 4 hours

Hours : 28.10

Monthly Distance: 256.14 / 160.08 miles


No downward dog for me thanks!!

No downward dog for me thanks!!


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