Arsey, Arsey, Arsey…

So much for the great start to the month!!

arseyYesterday was the shitiest day really.

Started off ok, then next thing I knew , I was having an assessment at work at 2 pm..

Got all my stuff sorted for that & then had clients walk in off the street!!

People usually need an appointment to see me but I had to see them.


So at 2pm, I had a client waiting,  my assessment waiting and I was still with the clients from 1pm who spoke barely any English and were making serious slashes to dietary menu’s!!

I get everything done but I am 20 minutes behind so I give the walkin clients more choice food wise than you would normally, to get them out.


I figure that’s ok, its only 1-2 choices and only I will see it and its not detrimental to health or anything.

Well my boss who was getting pissed off at waiting to assess me with the 2pm client, decided to help after 20 minutes…

Maybe if she had helped earlier???

Anyway so she sees the changes I have made and gets arsey…

can you believe it

FINALLY I see 2 Pm client (on which I am being assessed), apologize for lateness etc etc…

2 pm lady turns out to be a medical nightmare…

She needs all sorts of medical certificates so I need to turn her away….

Then 2 people come in from last week, where I set up everything for them

BUT they did not return all their paperwork in time, so now they need to pay more…even though I told them and gave them a discount for it etc…

So they get arsey, the boss is arsey from the walkins and the medical nightmare and then the 2 new arsey ones!!

run run

Fuck , I can’t win…

It then gets worse….

I then get told that my attire for work is inappropriate..well rather the  fabric of my pants!!


Then she says my clothes are inappropriate for work???

Clothes I have been wearing for 3-4 months….

Specifically my pants are not ‘dress’ pants…

Believe me they are, I wore them in my last job which was a govt job and they had higher standards than where I am now!!

work clothes

work 2

But the worse thing was the boss considered the pants infraction to be worse than all the other shit!!

Seriously, she said if she tells me again, I will get a verbal warning!!

These are pants made by Benetton, which are not cheap and nasty.

I brought them in Lucca, Italy, they are like a moleskin fabric.

They are work/dress pants, not casual, not hookerish, up the crack or tight….WTF!!!!

the officeDoes the sorry story stop there???

No, it bloody doesn’t!!

The girls at work were still pissed off with me and barely speaking to me as I was sick last Saturday…

Yes, grudge holders believe me!!

It was not as if I was on the bloody turps the night before or anything…

I was ill, yet they get shitey with me???

God, what will happen when i have holidays???

on the piss


I would have killed someone otherwise:)

run fucking run

P.S : Thank God I have tomorrow off!!

2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running : 12km/ 7.5 miles

Cycling: 18 km /11.25 miles

Rowing :


Hiking : Zilch so far:)



Hours :1.50

Monthly Distance: 30 km/ 18.75 miles


Mr Puss Puss is taking a wee break too this week...

Mr Puss Puss is taking a wee break too this week…


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