To Shop with Hubby or NOT? That is the question!!

Tend to say NOT!!!

killjoy 2

Hubby is a kill joy…

He never says no But NO comes off him in waves and it TOTALLY ruins my shopping experience.

I can feel him glaring at me and then he says ” get what you like”…


In my view, he is lucky as I am not a shoppy shoppy girl really.

I am not really a browser…or window shopper.

I see what I like, then go get it, end of story.


Ok, some times I do see other things on the way But I do not waste hours trying on crap etc…

Nope, I tend to buy brands I know my sizing on to a tee….

Then I can waltz in, grab, pay and go…..

Same as with make up, I will check it all out on-line, then go look in person and buy….

I will buy online if possible….

There is ONE exception to the rule….

BAGS….SIGH!…..Bags, Bags, Bags, Bags…..Love them:)

I lose all rationality…. and running shoes..


bag aholic

bagaholic 2

Bugger all running happening, due to weather and leg….

But went to the 90 minute yoga last night and its all good:)

Will go again tomorrow and have been cycling…

2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running 12 km/ 7.5 miles

Cycling: 33 km /20.62 miles

Rowing :

Weights: 1 hour 

Hiking : Zilch so far:)


Yoga: 1.30 

Hours :4.50

Monthly Distance: 45 km / 28.125 miles


Whats up???

Whats up???


4 thoughts on “To Shop with Hubby or NOT? That is the question!!

  1. I must be a bit weird because I like shopping. I’m like you,I know what I want and just get it, it’s probably a man thing. I can’t say the same thing for makeup, we’ve had that conversation before!

    • nah, my son likes shopping, so you are not alone…You would have loved the girls at the bobbi brown shop the other day….plastered in it!! Bobbi would have a fit!!…young and beautiful and they cake it on…god, when they are old and crinkly, then do it but why hide that beautiful freshy skin???

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