Grrr, Talk about BIG bite in the bum!!

mr fussyMy fussy boy, you know the one who purses his lips like a cats arse when he disapproves or gets arsey?

Well, he has always cooked in the kitchen with me..

He loves food, he watches the food channel like no ones business, he makes things…

I have tried to teach him that when you make food to use the best ingredients.

fussy 2I do not mean in price (but sadly now, quality often reflects astronomical prices ) but in quality..

Also using what is seasonal and local rather than imported..

You know, support Kiwi???

I know, I know, I know, I am a coffee snob but I am not been one of those pretentious foodie wankers in this case..

No, I do not mean I will only eat or use food made by the monks in the moonlight or other rubbish…

For example, if I have a piece of cheesecake, which isn’t often, I WANT the best tasting cheesecake possible, to make the most of having it.

Often I end up making these treats as I am fussy, and as I don’t have it often and know the calories etc in it, when I do have it, I want it to be primo…

food snob

So I will go “yep, that was worth a 2 hour run!!”

I suppose, it is getting the best for your calories treat wise and food wise generally.

Am I making sense or digging a bigger hole?

I mean why have a McDonald’s burger when you could have a gorgeous steak burger (at home or elsewhere), with homemade relish, fresh buns and prime meat!!

Why have a manky garage sandwich when you can have a primo sandwich elsewhere?

Or why not have fruit and veg from the markets if they taste better?

They are usually cheaper too!!

Not this!!

Not this!!

Anyway, I digress way off track!!

So I teach the fussy pants this….

Now it has seriously bitten me in the bum in recent years…and I was reminded of this again tonight.

 I used to make, when the kids were little, the bog standard spag bolg...

spag bog

I liked it, it was rich, meaty and great if you were short of $$$$ and went a long way:)

However I  taught Mr Fussy to make the proper Bolognese ragu and since then….no MORE spag bog….

Its Bolognese ragu all the way:)…

Bolognese Ragu

Bolognese Ragu

Mr Fussy will merely pick at the old standard if I dare to make it:)

I have managed to make it without pancetta fat so far but God help me if Mr Fussy reads the recipe!!!

Yes, it will be RUN TONTO RUN!!



2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running 31 km/ 19.37 miles

Cycling: 55 km /34.37 miles

Rowing :

Weights: 1 hour

Hiking : Zilch so far:)


Yoga: 2.30

Hours :9.00

Monthly Distance: 86 km / 53.75 miles


We like ANY bolognese!!

We like ANY bolognese!!


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