Bit of a worry…


Bolognese boy (aka cats arse boy) loves reality TV.

The trashier the better….

The current fav is Moonshiners, I had the pleasure of seeing 5 minutes of it last night….

Hmmm, great TV, they do nothing to portray themselves as anything but hillbilly trash…

That interbreed with one another…

Cause I am not sure who is going to want to shag these fine specimens of American manhood…

amish mafia

Then there is Amish Mafia??? WTF???

As if the devout Amish would allow filming that portrays their society in that way, in fact they wouldn’t even allow cameras in as they shun all modern life appliances.

Geordie Shores, not new but new in our house…fat, slaggy looking ho girls, caked in tanning stuff and make up so thick you could scrape it off that shag anything that looks their way.

Greasy looking guys that think they are the sexiest thing on two legs with their bodies waxed within an inch but in reality, they are repugnant dumb arses…

A variety of MTV dating shows, re runs of that show Johnny Knoxville was in…

Dumb moron guys doing stupid pranks…like sticking things up their bum and going to the doctor and feigning surprise???

There is a variety of NZ and Aussie cop/airport/customs/noise control shows that also feature highly depending on the night.

jeremy kyle

At the gym I have seen an English show called ‘ Jeremy Kyle ‘…

I thought that Jerry Springer was bad…

Nope Jerry Springer has nothing on Jeremy Kyle…and they seek out the worst looking, worst sounding, trash talking stories/people…

Yes, I know, all for ratings etc…

But for the love of God can’t they make something decent?

I barely watch TV anymore.

I watch Game of Thrones, marathons on the sports channel, Modern family and that really is it…

Even the news is rubbish and highly sensationalized.

OMG, I sound like Hubby who critiques every film he watches…

Just need to enjoy it for what it is (as Bolognese boy does) or not watch it (as I do).

All the more time to run, I suppose:)

Well a small run at the moment and a 30 km pyrenee’s cycle:)

game of thrones

2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running 46 km/ 25.62 miles

Cycling: 80 km /34.37 miles

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 2 hour

Hiking : Zilch so far:)


Yoga: 4.00

Hours :14.00

Monthly Distance: 128 km / 80 miles


Whitey having a brush....

Whitey having a brush….

10 thoughts on “Moonshiners….

  1. Hey Jeremy Kyle is English therefore his show is wonderful, how lucky are you to have such a great import!!!!! How’s the injury you haven’t said what the doctore/physio said?

    • Ha, he is a SHOCKER!! Almost as good as TOWIE!! or is it desperate scousewives??
      Physio this friday…
      Has been Ok this week, just doing 5 km most days,Flat and no hills… and that seems ok…think the Yoga is helping 🙂 will broadcast it to the hills come saturday as then I WILL need to sign up for the maratHon…ARGH!!

      • Omg u get TOWIE I used to live in Essex and love it. Middle madam should be on TOWIE. Scousewives is all done. Glad you get all the cultural stuff.

  2. I don’t understand the interest of these programmes, many years ago I heard the term ‘shut kickers’ which seems to sum the people up who are in these programmes.

      • trailer park trash:)..seriously, if these guys really watched themselves, i doubt if they were not brain dead that they would allow themselves to be portrayed like that…
        and it is getting worse too…whats that welsh version of Geordie shores? sad, sad, sad….
        back to watching ben fogle and the crocodiles:)

    • nooooo, i love the gypsies:) they are my secret shame BUT i promise i don’t like the moonshiners etc…or the american gypsies…crap!
      that is one i do like but i didn’t like the thelma’s gypsies girls…

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