Bloody Oven Chips!! Juneathon Too!!

I am going to be cunning today …

Juneathon first, then oven chips…

 It’s all on!



Juneathon...come on now, give it a go!!

You need to jog, blog, log daily….

BUT you could do your own Juneathon and not blog but DO THE hours exercise .

It will not kill you!!

Any exercise is fine, an hour per day!

Walk, Bike, Run, Skip, Yoga it, Weights, Skiing, the list is endless….GET ON TO IT!!

Follow the blogs, meet some new awesome bloggers and potential running buddies…


download (5)

I was REALLY stupid and ran about 12 km today and now my leg is BLOODY ARSEY sore…

It will be TGIF, as Physio is on friday.

5-6 km seems to be ok but more than that or hills…Nah, All bets are off…

Fingers and Sneakers crossed.

I am planning a MAJOR overhaul of my diet…

Normally I eat well but of the last 14 days, I have eaten oven chips for dinner probably 10 of those nights…

No veg , or very very little for that time too, no fruit…

My body almost rebelled today as I ate an apple.


No wonder my skin is hideous and resembling a teenagers 🙂

Spotty, Palid and Greasy!!

With old lady wrinkles….NICE!!

NASTY is right:)


2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running 56 km/ 35.00 miles

Cycling: 80 km /34.37 miles

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 2 hours


Yoga: 4.00

Hours :15.00

Monthly Distance: 138 km / 86.25 miles


This is why we run:)

This is why we run:)


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