Just as I said!!

We should have had only cats!!



For years I have been saying to Hubby, we should have JUST had cats!!

Did he listen? NO!!

I also said that we should swap the kids for cats but he said “No”.

Very frustrating!

More of these?

More of these?

Today, the Physio @ Sports lab told me that my hamstring trouble is due to the pelvic area needing realigning.

And this has probably come about because of those three 8-9 pound heifers that I carried for 9 months a piece!

See,  shoulda had only cats!!!

There is a little more to it than that,

but the trouble lies in the pelvic & lower back area which means my poor right hamstring has to take up the slack or work harder cause the other area ain’t!!

Strangely enough, my right hamstring is weak too…

Good news is that it is all fixable…

run alot

What does this mean?

MAINLY, I CAN STILL RUN….But no silliness (as I am prone to do:)

So BIG, BIG, BIG sigh of relief!!!

Apart from having to fork out the moolah extensively (they lie when they say running is cheap)  for the next 4-6 weeks,

the physio will give me exercises to strengthen the weakness, also I will get to run in their running lab (very cool) and see how this affects my actual running

and how I can improve my running posture etc which will aid in helping the poor old hamstring:)

Very cool, very high-tech, not cheap, I imagine…

It will mean I will be able to go to Get Running in a few weeks and get myself a marathon plan done that considers my injury and work at strengthening it as we go….

Just went for an awesome run!!! WOOOO…

cat happy

2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running 64 km/ 40.00 miles

Cycling: 80 km /50.00 miles

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 2 hours


Yoga: 5.00

Hours :16.45

Monthly Distance: 146 km / 91.25 miles





4 thoughts on “Just as I said!!

    • ta):
      i just need to train those cats to run over my legs with a foam roller!! Life would THEN be perfect!! or give me a cat version of walking on my back!! err the clawless version of course!!

    • he he..me too!!!
      thought i had a strong core too..
      but all good ..phew!!
      ohh while i am thinking of it, there is a article in latest runners world (nz /oz ed) about kids running…and i thought of madam…well little madam…it maybe on line…

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