Oooo You daredevil you!!

Have made Toad in the hole for dinner.

Have been REAL good and had some veg too:)

P1080610 (640x480)

Yumbo x a billion!!

Who could resist this beauty from Lady Gouda???

Hmmm lovely...

Hmmm lovely…

Or this loveliness from the good folks at the beeb???

toad 3



With Gravy and VEGETABLES!!! 🙂

Why all this food?

I woke up at 4am STARVING!!!

I think the cats thought I was going to eat them.

My body is rebelling from all the veg, I have pushed in to it in the last few days in light of my oven chip debacle!!

I have had a wee sore stomach but now have this ravenous hunger!


I am going to try to eat fish 3-4 days a week too and tweak a few other areas of my eating.

Not a great fish eater but I do like sardines and salmon so sardines on toast, here I come!!

I may even get adventurous and make one of my all time favourite fishy dishes…

Sarde in Soar….

The Venetian sardine dish…delish but have never made it at home…

Might even add some vitamins but will need to think about it as not really a supplement person but think something is lacking.

Maybe its time???

Don’t forget to check out the Toad in the hole @ Greedybread!!

Mini having a sleep in the linen cupboard

Mini having a sleep in the linen cupboard

2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running 64 km/ 40.00 miles

Cycling: 80 km /50.00 miles

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 2 hours


Yoga: 6.00

Hours :17.45

Monthly Distance: 146 km / 91.25 miles


Mr Puss Puss and the chicken....

Mr Puss Puss and the chicken….


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