Romanzo Criminale….

Yes, I have them all on disc…Finally!!

roman criminale

So tonight, my pretties, the Romanzo Criminale marathon starts…or should that be resumes ???

I got up to Season one episode 4 and it was all over ROVER as I only had four episodes on my flashdrive from my Italian friend…

Who has gone back to la bella Paese now….


Luckily Hubby was on to it for me!!

His mate in Sydney, sent the DVD’s to us, pronto!!

 "I like Romanzo Criminale but i will have a snooze first "...

“I like Romanzo Criminale but i will have a snooze first “…

If you can get Romanzo Criminale, watch it, over the top, fabulous Italian Tv!!

It has English subtitles which is great as I only understand 2 words in 5, the odd whole sentence if I am lucky.

Oh, and I suppose then hubby can watch it too….

Thick Roman dialect:)

Great practice though…….


Argh am now 5 miles behind for the month….

Will need to do 1-2 days of cycling me thinks:)

I think my aim in Juneathon will be like Janathon to do 45 hours over the month…

So not so much a distance month but i do need to consider distance soon as i really need to look at starting my marathon training in the next 4 weeks…


Once i get a final nod from the physio, i will start but prefer to do 20  weeks i think…

Weeks until Auckland Marathon....24…24 …24....

So yes, in 4 weeks, i need to start my 20 week program….

run run

2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running 69 km/ 43.125 miles

Cycling: 80 km /50.00 miles

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 3 hours


Yoga: 6.00

Hours :19.15

Monthly Distance: 151 km / 94.34  miles


Mini asleep in the laundry cupbaord...away from all other cats

Mini asleep in the laundry cupbaord…away from all other cats


4 thoughts on “Romanzo Criminale….

    • will start looking at treatment exercises this week…and then do a running lab the week after and then maybe one more session and i will be on me own…thank god as its really expensive and insurance only pays for half of it…
      will then think about specialised prog but may not as that too is expensive and there are perfectly good plans out there..

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