Stuff My Face!!!

Yes,the oven chips have slunk back in…..

Chips, chicken chips, chocolate, chips, chips, chips!!



and this too!!

and this too!!

Love these too!!

Love these too!!


Back when dinosaurs walked the earth I used to drink, smoke and do all matter of fun things ….

I always felt they helped me in times of stress…

Yes, I know, they didn’t really BUT I felt they did.

Drink tequila slammers, smoke and dance until the wee hours or I fell over dead drunk…

Ahhhh, the fun times which all stopped ABRUPTLY when my sons arrived and I realised that all of the above was making me ill as I couldn’t do it in moderation.

So Bye, Bye Smokes, Tequila, Jack Daniels, Vodka, Coffee (until recently), yep all the good stuff…


Now when I am stressed as I get MAD MAD MAD cravings for carb’s and not the good vege carbs:)

I used to have mad cleaning rampages but I soon got sick of that…

Yes, the running and the exercise combat this BUT sometimes it is not enough and I can’t run all day 🙂

Grrr Fuckers @ work and other stuff…

Been on like a mad carb rampage since I got home….

Jammie drops, cornflake chocolate, oven chips , sausage on bread, chicken chips (not yet), tar black coffee…

All the good stuff!!


I ran today, I ran yesterday, I have been running all week and it’s not helping.

Run, Girly, Run….

This month is just so crap, it really is.

The list is long and varied and even involves the dreaded IRD !!

People say you need to be grateful and believe me I am, I am, I am BUT…..

It is getting increasingly harder to get out of bed, to be positive, to stay calm, to not punch someone in the face.

I swear that the higher power is punishing me this month…


Today when I was running, these dumb fucks were standing in the middle of the footpath so no one could get past them…

You MUST know that NO ONE can get past yet, they still stand there and look at you as if you are a moron when you say “Excuse me”..

Maybe I should have said “Move , YOU dumb fucks!!”

I feel this inner rage at the moment, I suppose it is better than feeling the blackness creeping into my pores…


I need Scotty to beam me up or help me win lotto.!!

I am sure a new Prada bag would make me feel better!

running songs 2

2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running 102 km/ 63.75 miles

Cycling: 101 km /63.12 miles

Rowing : 2 km

Weights: 3 hours


Yoga: 7.00

Hours :24.30

Monthly Distance: 205 km / 128.15 miles


P1080641 (640x480)


5 thoughts on “Stuff My Face!!!

  1. I first saw your post when I was in a que for my midday coffee fix. It made me lol and got me strange looks from everyone around. I’m with you on all the carb stuff, love it.

    • They will but its hard…you know you have been there….and its just been infortunate that alot of other crap has happened that I can not get away from by running:) …

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