Forse non bel Paese???

duomo (7) (800x600)

Just reading an interesting article about life in Italy being not so sweet….

La Bella Paese ???

Yes, I know it’s the Daily mail but you know I LIKE the trash:)

You know I love love love La Bella Italia but I also know its ain’t all roses):

It is interesting to see it in print because even though we all know that every country has good, bad poverty, drugs, seediness, beauty etc it is overlooked in Italy more so than other places…

Overlooked by non Italians?

Italy is very fortunate to have so much breathtaking beauty to block out the ugliness:)

And D- D- D -divine food & vino….

I do it too, ignore the dirt, grime, graffiti, gypsies of Roma because of all the other wonders there….

I know all the shit exists but who wants to see it unless they have to?

I can see all that here, not as bad but its here too…

the torre

Ignore the rubbish, insane chaos, crime, 40% youth unemployment of Napoli and the south because of the stunning beauty that is also there… and it gets in your blood!!

Ignore the hideous ignorant tourists who wear inappropriate clothes in San Marco Piazza , the cold grasping Venetians, the graffitti and grubbiness of Venezia because it will take your breath away…

Beppe Severgnini, takes a humourous but tongue in cheek look at Italy in his books…

Luigi Barzini takes quite a caustic look at his fellow compatriots…

Peter Robb has written a few very interesting books (yep, real not kindle!!)on southern Italy,

Tobias Jones on “the Dark side of Italy” and one I read recently about Berlosconi but I can not for the life of me think of the author…

He is an american Economist….His pieces feature heavily in Roma….

Will need to ponder more…


 How did I start talking about this???

Apart from the article….

Well I was looking at a recipe for Torta Primavera to make tomorrow, a lovely spring cake!!

It is needed in the depths of winter here!!

Amid rain (no running today) and cold cold winds…

All cats are inside and I am ALLOWED one tenth of the computer chair as there is a cat on the other 9/10th of it!!

We lit the fire at 2 pm!!

It’s almost like drinking before 5pm type of thing!!

Well best go eat some MORE chocolate…..


early drinks....

Hmmm, I think I will only do an average of 30 km running a week this month…

But bearing in mind, I was only doing 5km per run until the last week really…

Plus I should hit 10-11 hours for yoga and a good 100km of cycling…

So getting some variation in….

I did some rowing today for a change too:)

Need a new weights program though….

run alot

2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running 117 km/ 73.12 miles

Cycling: 101 km /63.12 miles

Rowing : 10 km

Weights: 4 hours


Yoga: 7.00

Hours :28.30

Monthly Distance: 228 km / 142.5 miles


P1080642 (640x480)

Tinny girl warming herself….


6 thoughts on “Forse non bel Paese???

  1. STOP! STOP talking about food and posting lovely recipes. Those Nutella Muffins are divine, Madam loves them, I now double the mix and make them HUGE! Ran out of Nutella for the last two of last batch as my greedy girl has been eating the Nutella on toast, so hubby had a muffin without the added chocolate surprise, he felt done!

    • he he lol:) this is why i run…mainly:) put in some stewed fruit instead is nice too…not too much though and not too wet…nice:)..OR you can BE VERY VERY BAD and put in chopped up moro errr sorry you don’t have them mars bars of chunks of chip CHUNKS!!

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