Sugar Demons be GONE!!!


sugar demon

I am an example of how addictive sugar is…

And no, I am not getting on a sugar rant as I do think you do need some sugar….

In the form, of course, of my beloved Whittakers chocolate:)

It only takes a few days of having something like….Ummmmm chocolate every day to crave, crave, crave it when you don’t have any.

I am talking mainly about obvious sugars here , don’t even get me started on the hidden sugars!!


Carrots aren’t doing the trick…

Also want scones too, jammy scones, fruity cranberry scones…HELL!!

Went to find the new choc nibs etc from Whittakers and no sign of the buggers!!


Maybe its just that now it is very cold and it is that winter comfort food I am craving?

Time for thick veg soup, me thinks)

Mmmm favourite!!

Mmmm favourite!!

 I am feeling 100% better now I am eating all my veg again & have added fish in 3-4 times a week along with green tea.

Less of the oven chips and more of the greens:)

On wards and upwards with the greens, fish and green tea, I am thinking of a good multi vitamin but am sceptical about that too….

Will continue with a bit less sugar & foods that convert quickly to sugar.

My Food Religion is doing a sugar detox….

Maybe I can do 2 weeks of that?

The thing is,  for every good story about no sugar, there is a story that says you need some sugars, natural is better of course..

I don’t tend to buy lollies etc, just chocolate:)

Contrary to what it appears like, I don’t eat much of that either.

My sugar comes from my baking wise or mr Whittaker!!

I don’t eat biscuits, cakes, coke, lollies, candies, soda, energy drinks etc…

I will ponder the no sugar some more….




Just running the last 3 days, my leg seems ok at this point.

 I will make it to the 45 km per week running this month, which is good considering, i was limiting myself to 5-6 km per run until 10 days ago…

 I did wonder if my leg feels better because I am only doing weights 1-2 times a week now and more yoga/ stretching?

Hmm, will see what the physio says but still have nothing definite in that area.

Maybe keep building up the hammies, as she did say mine were long(?) and weak….

nike 2

2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running 144 km/ 90 miles

Cycling: 101 km /63.12 miles

Rowing : 10 km

Weights: 4 hours


Yoga: 7.00

Hours :31.30

Monthly Distance: 255 km / 159.3 miles


P1080639 (640x480)

My cat likes to hide in boxes

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