Grateful ????


1 in 4 NZ children lives in Poverty.


That’s 275,000 kids.

Small fry compared to overseas but pretty bad for here.

That is one thing I always notice overseas is the amount of beggars/people living on the street/homeless relative to the populations…

I saw this guy asleep in the middle of the roundabout at the Arc de Triompe in the middle of the day!!

poor 2

I was shocked!!

I found it VERY upsetting, especially the beggars with animals:(

What has brought this topic up?

My son, I tell you!!


 He moans that he had to use his own cash for his lunch today because the eftpos line @ the school shop was long!!

He is annoyed with me because I did not give him cash but transferred money onto his eftpos card??


Some kids would be glad to :

1) have lunch or

2) even be  more lucky to buy school lunch (which is not cheap and is like an extensive buffet )

Would they moan that they had to use their own cash?

I would imagine, they would be happy to stand in line for a few more minutes to use their eftpos card!!

Or even have a bloody eftpos card!!


My sons, god bless them, sometimes need a good kick up the jacksey!!

I can remember one of them saying to me after I had ranted about poor kids, kids in Africa, street kids etc saying to me….”But we are not them”!

It is a catch 22, you want them to have the best, but you also want gratefulness relative to what they have.

I know teenagers are selfish BUT…..Grrrrrr..

This brings up the issue of kids in poverty again, which is a hot topic here at the moment.

I know it sounds terrible but why should I be responsible for other people’s kids?

Why should I pay more tax to provide for these kids?

People who chose to smoke, drink, gamble, waste their money?

I know its not the kids fault and  I have no problem with money going to kids/families that are poor because of circumstances beyond their control

But for losers and lazy fuckers who sponge of welfare for ever?

Nope, sorry, but I don’t think so….

images (14)

Not when I work like a dog for my kids to have most things within reason..

No, I am not talking from a position of priviledge.

I grew up in a house reliant on welfare.

I have worked for the Illustrious Ministry of Social Development (social welfare) and know how hideous they can be from both sides of the counter..

Especially after having being unemployed recently.

The people who truly are in need get rebuffed and the bludgers get lots…

How do we fix it?

I don’t know…

And yes, the kids suffer…

poor 3

2013 miles/km Challenge: May Month Total : 

Running 152 km/ 95.00

Cycling: 101 km /63.10

Rowing : 10 km

Weights: 5 hours


Yoga: 7.00

Hours :32.30

Monthly Distance: 263 km / 164.37


P1080588 (640x480)


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