Resting, Resting, Resting ….Cause…

Come tomorrow , there will be no REST!!



As Juneathon starts!!

You know what this means!!

No rest for the wicked…or good…or any bugger that does it:)

So get your shoes, skates, bikes, sneakers, yoga pants, whatever on and get ready!!

run run

All in all, May was a good month exercise wise.

Every other aspect of my life, it was CRAP!!

But life moves on and we carry on….

So with out my usual digression, June goals???

I need to bite the bullet and definitely say yay or no to the marathon in October.

I have said yes to a 16 (may do the halfy ) in September @ the Onehunga half …

The Burgen Tough Gal/Girl is a definite possibility (am very keen) in July .


I know I am making excuses but I am not really a race person..

I don’t really care about the other people, the competition is against myself …always!!

Yes, if some fucker tries to pass me, I will go harder or if someone is in the distance, I will try to catch them …

I am a lone wolf (ha ha) or should that be solitary scorpion runner plus these races aren’t cheap &  I like to save my soldi for my next trip to la bel paese.

Plus I am still not sure what is what with my leg….

I may go back to the other physio as I still am no better off  leg wise but a lot less money wise!!

bel paese

June goals???

Start Marathon training if i decide that path….

I won’t really train for the half as I run 16-20 km in one go usually once a week…

I will just carry on as normal, so 40-60 km a week..

No cycling this month, will do rowing/plyometric 90 minute combo I think….Once a week to start…

I also need to bite the bullet with the humming etc on the sugar etc issue…

I think I will give it a go for a week… (think, think, need to bloody do, talk about indecisive!!)

Saw this high intensity training program today called INSANITY!!


I am not into TV dvd’s but this is hard out cardio and plyometrics which I like.

Julie @Julie’s Journey  has some wicked plyometric & weight programs which I will give a go too:)

Aim to do 3 yoga classes a week (did 2 this month) .

Aim to do at least 1 weights session a week or 2 plyometric rowing sessions…

Juneathon is to do 1 hour exercise a day , since I do that now my juneathon will be an 90 minute daily average over the month….



Running : 785.4 kms / 490.87 miles

Total kms : 1338.94 km/ 836.83 miles

Total hours : 165.8 hours

Aim is to run 2013 kms this year & do 2013 miles over all…

On Target!! Sort of….

Needed 830 miles in total so far -TICK!!

830 km of running needed & 785 done….

Slightly behind on the running but will make up some of that this month…..

So running aim for the month will be 170 normal PLUS 30 km….

 200 km (as I did in January ) needed this month..


My beautiful boy....Miss you :)

My beautiful Tonto….Miss you 🙂


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