Did I say Ouch??

Bloody ouch….



That Jillian Michaels…WORKS!!

Almost crippled this morning, muscles reminding me I have butt muscles and glutes!

An easy mid length run later will take care of the stiffness BUT I will back for another round tomorrow…


yum yum

yum yum

Try these gorgeous babies to give your self a boost before or after running….

Cranberry Spiced Scones

You can also if you are on a real protein drive, replace a little flour with protein powder or use a very high protein flour.

But like all things, best as they are:)

Did I tell youRun Tonto Run  and my greedybread is now on Facebook?

There is a link too up the top of the page.

Yep, only cause then I can share all my personal running stuff that comes up on my Facebook page with all you runners:)

Get in there and check it out .

I was trying to get Facebook to post to my blog but no go….only blog to facebook….Bah!!

Berry pie....

Berry pie….

Left it until late to do my run today, I am not making it easy on myself.

Almost didn’t go but chin up etc etc…

Glad I did as it was a good run.

Last 15 minutes hard but not too bad but I think this is cause I have increased my pace overall.

Shall leave you in peace whilst I make some Bacon and Veg soup….

My favourite!!

Chocka full of the good stuff…

Silly cat...

Silly cat…


2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total : 

Running : 18 km/11.25 miles


Rowing :

Weights: 1 hour



Hours : 2. 50 minutes

Monthly Distance: 18 km/11.25 miles


Hard life for our cats...

Hard life for our cats…


2 thoughts on “Did I say Ouch??

    • more of those tomorrow for me sadly…
      maybe it was the 2 variations of the hideous lunges???
      I tell you, if you thought there was only a few lunge variations, nope, Jillian Michaels has dreamed up many many more to torture you…

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