Arsey Work tomorrow…MEH!!

can you believe it

The long weekend is done!!

Well in a few hours…

How can you enjoy Monday off knowing that work lurks around the corner?

I find this ruins my usual Sunday too.

On Saturday its ok as I know I don’t need to go to work tomorrow but SUNDAY I know, I have to work in the morning:(

The only saving grace is that I start at 11 am…

It’s not that my job is bad, it’s not.

I am pretty much left to my own devices as long as I do my work.

I have time to go for a run/gym etc in the middle of the day to break up the 9-10 hour day.

I have my own office, my own pens etc 🙂

I can walk to work in 15 minutes, most clients are pleasant, needy but pleasant.

BUT I really just want to work for myself.


I was self-employed years ago for 3-4 years and even though I worked 70+ hours a week and was exhausted, I was happy.

I know what I want to do but like all things, it’s a question of the old $$$$$ .

I need a sugar daddy:)

Ha ha, I’m a bit long in the tooth for that, me thinks:)

sugar daddy

I would like to give local food tours and teach people to bake/cook at my house.

Kids too as they genuinely like food:)

I used to teach cooking @ evening classes…

I have added Greedybread Adventures to Greedybread just recently….

 Am sort of promoting it on my new greedybread Facebook page and in Trade me ( a NZ E Bay).

I will see what response I get and go from there…

Have a few other ideas up my sleeves…

Or have a little local tea shop, just good old-fashioned baking, a new twist on some things and some of my artisan breads I make.

Good tea and coffee, nothing arsey or pretentious but not lunch bar type either…

No catering at all, I am not into that .

What do you reckon?

Throw all your promotion ideas at me!!



Day Three…

Looked @ Janathon today & I kicked arse…200+ km just running!!! 45 hours!! 380 km in total…..

So things have gone a little off the boiler…

Did an 8 km run, then had another go @ Jillian Michael’s weights session and then Julie’s Journeys Burpee/plank challenge!!

My butt feels like its had a good kicking!!

So it must be working…

My leg is not too sore, so maybe, maybe, maybe, I am onto a go thing.

Did I mention Hubby is now in the 90’s???

He has lost about 22 kgs in the last 12-15 months…

Looking good, I will need to keep an eye on those Husband Stealing Beetches now!!

More than before I mean…as my nails are ALWAYS good and ready!!




2013 miles/km Challenge:

JUNE Month Total : 

Running : 27 km/16.87 miles


Rowing :

Weights: 2 hour

Plyometrics: 15 mins


Hours : 4.30 hours

Monthly Distance: 27 km/16.87 miles


P1080762 (640x480)


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